Robert Hoe

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Robert Hoe
Born 29 October 1784
Leicestershire, England
Died 4 January 1833
Nationality England
Children Peter Smith Hoe
Robert Hoe
Richard March Hoe
Engineering career
Significant projects printing-press

Robert Hoe (1784–1833) was born in Leicestershire, England. He was indentured to a joiner, in 1802 emigrated to the United States, worked for a time as a master carpenter, and subsequently was an associate of his brothers-in-law, Peter and Matthew Smith, in the business of carpentry and in the manufacture of a hand printing press invented by Peter Smith. In 1823 he became sole proprietor of the R. Hoe & Company, retiring in 1832. A skilled mechanic, he constructed and introduced the original Hoe press and was, it is thought, the earliest American machinist to utilize steam as a motive power in his plant.


He was the father of Peter Smith Hoe, Robert Hoe (1815-1884), and Richard March Hoe (1812-1886), and the grandfather of the bibliophile Robert Hoe III. Robert II (19 July 1815 New York City - 13 September 1884 Tarrytown, New York) was associated with his father and elder brother in business. He was one of the founders of the National Academy of Design, and a patron of young artists.



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