Robert James Russell

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Robert James Russell
Born April 1981
Grand Rapids, MI
Occupation Writer, editor, publisher
Nationality American
Alma mater Michigan State University;
Oxford Brookes University
Genre Novel, Short Story

Robert James Russell (born 1981) is a contemporary American writer, editor, and publisher. His first novel, Sea of Trees, was published in 2012 by Winter Goose Publishing.[1]


Russell was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and upon graduating from Michigan State University, attended Oxford Brookes University, earning his Master of Arts in English Studies focusing on American regionalist and modernist literature. He has lived and worked throughout the Midwestern United States, as well as Los Angeles and Incheon, South Korea (where he taught English as a Second Language). He currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.[citation needed]

Russell is also the co-founding editor of Midwestern Gothic, a quarterly literary journal that aims to shine a spotlight on Midwestern authors and literature.[2] His work has appeared in numerous literary magazines, including Crime Factory, WhiskeyPaper, Pithead Chapel, Gris-Gris, The Collagist, Joyland: A hub for short fiction, and Thunderclap! Magazine, among others.


Russell's debut novella Sea of Trees has been reviewed favorably. In a review on her site, author and blogger L. M. Stull said, "Russell's writing is raw, real, and stunningly palpable. A book that will grip your soul, Sea of Trees, will envelope you and hold you until the very end. This book is nothing short of a masterpiece and will surely place Russell on bookshelves across the world for readers to enjoy."[3][self-published source?] Ian Chung of the book review site Sabotage Reviews wrote, "What holds this delicate structural balancing act together is Russell's assured command of language."[4]

In December 2012, Sea of Trees was nominated for The Pushcart Prize.[1]


  • Sea of Trees (Winter Goose Publishing, 2012)


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