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Filename extension .arj
Uniform Type Identifier public.archive.arj
Developed by Robert K. Jung
Type of format archive format

ARJ (Archived by Robert Jung) is a software tool designed by Robert K. Jung for creating high-efficiency compressed file archives. ARJ is currently on version 2.86 for DOS and 3.2 for Windows and supports 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit Intel architectures.[1]

ARJ was one of two mainstream archivers for DOS and Windows during the early and mid-90s, with PKZIP being its competition. Parts of ARJ were covered by U.S. Patent 5,140,321. Generally ARJ was less popular than PKZIP, but it did enjoy a niche market during the BBS era and in the warez scene. This was largely due to ARJ's creation and handling of multi-volume archives (archives which are split into smaller files which are then suitable for dial-up transfers and floppy distribution) being more robust than PKZIP's.

In recent times, other alternatives to the ZIP archive, such as RAR or 7-Zip have surpassed ARJ in market share;[citation needed] the lack of an official graphical version may have contributed to ARJ's decline.

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