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Robert M. Levine (1941 — April 1, 2003) was an American historian, Gabelli Senior Scholar in the Arts and Sciences, Director of Latin American Studies, and professor of history at the University of Miami.[1][2][3]

His interests were related to Latin America, in particular, Brazilian cultural and political history, Jewish diasporas in Latin America, Cuban history, and Latin American history in general.[1][3]


He was born to David and Ruth Levine and grew up in New York City. After graduating with High Honors from Colgate University, he obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton University.[1][2]

Prof. Levine died of cancer, leaving behind his two sons, Joey and David.[1]


  • 1970: The Vargas Regime: The Critical Years, 1934-1938 (from Ph.D. thesis)
  • 1980: Portuguese translation: O regime de Vargas, nonfiction best-seller for 12 weeks
  • 1995: Vale of Tears: The Canudos Massacre in Northeast Brazil Revisited
  • 1989: Images ofHistory: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Latin American Photographs as Documents
  • 1990: Cuba in the 1850's: Through the Lens of Charles DeForest Fredricks
  • 1994: Tropical Diaspora: the Jewish Experience in Cuba, 1902-1992
  • 1994: (with Jose Carlos Sebe) Cinderela Negra: A Saga de Carolina Maria de Jesus
  • 1995: (with Jose Carlos Sebe) The Life and Death of Carolina Maria de Jesus
  • 1997: Brazilian Legacies
  • 1998: Father of the Poor? Getúlio Vargas and His Era
  • 1999:The History of Brazil (nonacademic; for general audience)
  • 2000: (with Moises Asis) Cuban Miami
  • 2001: Secret Missions to Cuba: Fidel Castro, Bernardo Benes, and Cuban Miami
  • Cambridge Concise History of Cuba, left as manuscript; posthumously revisited by prof. Frank Mora


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