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Robert Ogilvie Crombie (1899 - 1975), also known as ROC, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1899 and lived there for most of his life.

Crombie abandoned his career as a scientist due to ill health, and moved from his town house in the city of Edinburgh to the country near Perth, Scotland, to be able to have closer contact with nature. This later developed into a communication with the inner spirit of the nature kingdom. His account of some of these experiences are published in 'The Findhorn Garden' a book about the early history of the Findhorn Foundation in the north east of Scotland. His verbal account of his encounters with nature spirits, accompanied by photographic slides of nature was part of the educational programme at Findhorn for many years. He was cited by his friend, the Findhorn co-founder Peter Caddy as a major influence. ROC died in 1975, though his namesake, Roc Hargrove (where Roc is an abbreviation of Crombie's initials), carries on ROC's memory.



  • "ROC": chapter in the book "The Findhorn Garden" (1975)
  • "Meeting Fairies: My Remarkable Encounters with Nature Spirits" (2009)

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