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Robert Osborn or Bob Osborn may refer to:

Sports personalities[edit]

  • Bob Osborn (1903–1960), American baseball player who, between 1925 and 1931, pitched for Major League teams Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Bob Osborn (born 1924), American athletics personality who coached Cal State Fullerton Titans tennis during 1970 and 1971
  • Bob Osborn (born 1939), American photographer (sports, travel, fine arts), writer (The Complete Book of BMX, 1984), publisher, lecturer and motorcycle racer who co-created BMX and freestyle BMX; founded magazines BMX Action in 1976 and Freestylin' in 1984
  • Robert Lewis Osborn (born 1963), American motorcyclist who became BMX freestyle celebrity millionaire entrepreneur during 1980s (Hammer Bodywear, 1988 and Bully Bikes, 1989); commonly referenced as R. L. Osborn; son of photographer and BMX co-founder Bob Osborn


  • Robert Osborn (satirist) (1904–1994), American cartoonist ("Dilbert the Pilot", "Grampaw Pettibone"), illustrator (over 30 books, 1946–1970) and author (18 books, 1939–1984) who employed satire and irony to spotlight society's pretensions (psychiatry, suburbanites, social climbing, etc)
  • Robert Osborn (judge) (born 1951), Australian jurist who was appointed in February 2012 as Court of Appeals justice at Supreme Court of Victoria; previously served as principal judge in Common Law Division of Supreme Court
  • Robert Durie Osborn (1835–1889), India-born British army officer

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