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For the American diplomat, see W. Robert Pearson. For the film director, see Robert E. Pearson.

Captain Robert Pearson (May 18, 1879 – July 3, 1956) was a soldier and politician from Alberta, Canada.

Pearson was first elected as a non-partisan to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in the 1917 Alberta general election as the top pick in the, At large soldiers' and nurses vote from voters fighting overseas in World War I. Roberta MacAdams was elected second in the block vote by a very narrow margin behind his total.

He kept his seat in the legislature after the war by running in the 1921 Alberta general election and becoming the fifth person elected in a block vote in the Calgary electoral district. Robert served his 2nd term in office as an Independent. He did not run again in 1926 and retired from the legislature after two terms.

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