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Robert Schmertz (November 15, 1926 – July 24, 1975) [1][2] was an American developer and sports franchise owner. He was owner or part-owner of two NBA franchises; the Portland Trail Blazers from 1970 through 1972, and the Boston Celtics from 1972 until 1975.[3] He also owned the New England Whalers of the World Hockey Association, and the New York Stars of the now-defunct World Football League. Schmertz also founded Leisure Technology, a developer of retirement communities.[2]

Schmertz attended Hackensack High School, where he played center on the school's basketball team.[4] The school inducted him into its Sports Hall of Fame in 1973.[5]

In 1975, Schmertz was indicted by a New Jersey grand jury on bribery charges[6] Schmertz pled innocent to the charges. In July of that year, he suffered a stroke and died on July 24.[1] Leisure Technology would become a major developer of retirement communities, but would go bankrupt in 1991.[7]

Prior to his death in New York City, Schmertz lived in Lakewood Township, New Jersey.[8]


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Preceded by
Irv Levin and Harold Lipton
Boston Celtics principal owner
November 1972–July 24, 1975
Succeeded by
Irv Levin and Harold Lipton