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For the American Army four-star general, see Robert W. Porter, Jr..

Robert William Porter (August 13, 1926 – November 6, 1991) was a United States federal judge.

Born in Monmouth, Illinois, Porter was in the United States Navy during World War II, from 1944 to 1946. He received an A.B. from Monmouth College in 1949 and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School in 1952. He was a Home office counsel, Reserve Life Insurance Company, Dallas, Texas from 1952 to 1954. He was in private practice in Dallas, Texas from 1954 to 1974. He was a Councilman, Richardson, Texas from 1961 to 1966. He was a Mayor, Richardson, Texas from 1966 to 1967. He was a Pro tem in 1966. He was a Special counsel, County of Dallas, Texas from 1972 to 1974.

Porter was a federal judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. Porter was nominated by President Richard Nixon on April 22, 1974, to a seat vacated by Leo Brewster. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 13, 1974, and received his commission on June 20, 1974. He served as chief judge from 1986-1989. He assumed senior status on January 17, 1990. Porter served in that capacity until November 6, 1991, due to his death.

He died in Dallas, Texas.