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For the American military officer, see Robert V. Whitlow.
Robert Whitlow
Occupation Novelist, Attorney
Genre Christian fiction, Legal thriller

Robert Whitlow is a film-maker and a best-selling author of twelve legal thrillers[citation needed]. He is also a contributor to a short story The Rescuers, a story included in the book What The Wind Picked Up by The ChiLibris Ring. In 2001, he won the Christy Award for Contemporary Fiction, for his novel The Trial.

His debut novel, The List, was made into a movie starring Malcolm McDowell.

In 2010, Whitlow's second novel, The Trial, a film based upon Whitlow's Christy Award Winning book The Trial, and directed by Gary Wheeler, was produced as a movie. The screenplay for the movie The Trial was written by Mark Freiburger. The movie starred Matthew Modine, Nikki Deloach, Robert Forster, Clare Carey and Bob Gunton[1]

Robert Whitlow received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Georgia School of Law, is a practicing attorney, and lives in North Carolina.


Writing career[edit]

Before Robert Whitlow wrote his first novel, best-selling The List, he had no ambition whatsoever to write. He woke one morning thinking about how people don't realise how much the past influences the present. While driving to work that morning, an idea for a novel regarding this subject came to mind. That night, he mentioned it to his wife, Kathy, who said "You should write it!" So he did.

After The List was published, he wrote The Trial, which won a Christy Award in 2001. He has continued to write ever since then.



  • The List (2000)
  • The Trial (2001)
  • The Sacrifice (2002)
  • Life Support (2003)
  • Life Everlasting (2004)
  • Jimmy (2005)
  • Mountain Top (2006)
  • Deeper Water (novel) (2008)
  • Higher Hope (novel) (2009)
  • Greater Love (novel) (2010)
  • Water's Edge (novel) (2011)
  • "The Choice" (2012)
  • The Living Room (novel) (2013)

Short Stories[edit]

  • The Rescuers (in What The Wind Picked Up)



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