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Robert Wiedemer (born 1960 (age 54–55)) is the co-author, along with John David Wiedemer and Cindy Spitzer, of several books including America's Bubble Economy, Aftershock and Aftershock Investor. In America's Bubble Economy, published in 2006, Wiedemer and his co-authors claimed that the US economy was resting on a series of six bubbles which would pop in the following years. In Aftershock, the authors claimed that the economic downturn of 2008 was due to four of the six bubbles popping, and that the popping of the remaining two would send the world into a depression.[1] The second edition of Aftershock made best-seller lists in The New York Times,[2] The Wall Street Journal,[3] and[4]

Wiedemer is Managing Director of MacroView Investment Management, a macro-focused money management firm. He holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison[5] with a speciality in Marketing, and is of German descent.