Robert of York

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Robert of York
Bishop of Ely-elect
See Diocese of Ely
Elected circa 14 April 1215
Quashed before 11 May 1219
Predecessor Geoffrey de Burgo
Successor John of Fountains
Personal details
Died after December 1219
Denomination Catholic

Robert of York (died after 1219) was a medieval Bishop of Ely elect.

Robert was elected to Ely about 14 April 1215[1] but his election was quashed before 11 May 1219 due to the prior election of Geoffrey de Burgo. Both elections were quashed by Pope Honorius III. Robert refused to accept the decision of the pope and fled to France, where he was still styling himself bishop-elect in December 1219.[2]



Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Geoffrey de Burgo
Bishop of Ely
election quashed 1219

Succeeded by
John of Fountains