Roberts Massif

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Roberts Massif (85°32′S 177°5′W / 85.533°S 177.083°W / -85.533; -177.083Coordinates: 85°32′S 177°5′W / 85.533°S 177.083°W / -85.533; -177.083) is a remarkable snow-free massif at the head of Shackleton Glacier. It rises to over 2,700 m and is about 60 square miles (160 km2) in area. It was visited by the Southern Party of New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (NZGSAE) (1961–62), who named it for A.R. Roberts, leader at Scott Base for 1961-62.

 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Roberts Massif" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).