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"Woppit" redirects here. For Donald Campbell's mascot, see Mr Whoppit.

Robin was a British weekly children's magazine published from 1953 to 1969, originally by Hulton Press. Associated annuals were also produced, the first dated 1954, until at least the ninth in 1962. Robin was billed as Companion to Eagle, Girl and Swift, and aimed at younger readers and pre-readers.

Both the weeklies and annuals were originally edited by Marcus Morris, but by 1962 Clifford Makins had become editor. In 1969 Robin was merged into Playhour.

Regular comic strip features included:

The Woppit character was produced as a bear by Merrythought. One of these bears, Mr Whoppit, became the mascot of land and water speed record breaker Donald Campbell.[1]

Other items included games and puzzles, stories in prose both fictional and true life, poems, colouring-in, and craft projects.

Artists who worked on Robin included Sabine Schweitzer, Reg Foster and Robert Williams.


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