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Robin Antin
Robin Antin.jpg
Robin Antin backstage during Los Angeles Fashion Week, Smashbox Studios – Culver City, CA (March 2008)
Born (1961-07-06) July 6, 1961 (age 52)
Los Angeles County, California, United States
Occupation Actress
Music video director
Years active 1984–present

Robin Antin (born July 6, 1961) is an American dancer, choreographer, actress, and clothing designer entrepreneur. In 1995 in she founded the modern burlesque troupe The Pussycat Dolls. By 2005, she diversified into various media including a pop recording group with international hits, a Las Vegas nightclub venue and floorshow, various merchandise, and a reality television series. In 2007, she created Girlicious.

As a choreographer, Antin worked with entertainers such as Paris Hilton, and artists such as Anastacia, Pink, The Offspring and No Doubt. Additionally, she was responsible for the dance ensembles in various films.

She is the sister of celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Antin, director Steve Antin and actor Neil Antin. She appeared in an episode of her brother Jonathan's show Blow Out.

On January 2, 2010, Antin, Tony Selznick, and Paula Abdul presented choreography agent Julie McDonald with an award for being a pioneer of dance representation and a friend, helper, and agent to many choreographers for over 25 years. The award was presented at the The Carnival: Choreographer's Ball 11th Anniversary Show.[1]

She was a judge on the Lifetime reality television show Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition in Season 1.


The Pussycat Dolls[edit]

Based in Las Vegas, it features a rotating cast of dancers around vocalist Jamie Preston.[2] Current members include Hayley Zelniker,[3] Amanda Nowak, Colby Lemmo and Alicia Blair.[4][5] Former dolls include Rachel Sterling,[6] who was also an original member of the burlesque troupe, Kelly Levesque, Laura Goulet, Michelle "Jersey" Maniscalco, Desiree Davis, Alicia Vela-Bailey, Mallory, Jen, Loreli, Victoria, Rosa, Marcea, Rita, Claude Racine, Natasha Vernase, Jessica Lea, Beverly Sizemore[6] Laura Diane,[7] Ashley Gates,[8] Bridget Nicole,[9] Jennifer Affronti,[9] Sheila Joy[9] Cindy Leos,[7] Laurel Anderson,[10] Angela Case, Meredith "Sevin" Kerr, Gina Katon and Jamie Lee Ruiz from Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious.[11]

The Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Review[12] Founded in 2008 with Jamie Lee Ruiz, alongside Michelle "Jersey" Maniscalco,[12][13] Jessi Peralta,[12][14] Stephanie Moseley,[15] Courtney Parker,[15] Fransesca Ramirez,[12][15] Alexis(Allie Steel),[12] Molly D'Amour[16][17] Jenny Robinson.[18][19] Dani Levine, Kasia Moss, Vanessa Curry and Guest dancer Chantal Hunt and Allarie Long new lead singer Jaime Preston and new dancer Tarin Pratt, Erica Kiehl Jenkins.

The Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. Lead singer Sophia Monica. Current members include Sheila Joy, Megan Bostwick, Daymara Sabat, Colby Lemmo, Lauren Venandos, Emily Istre, Noelle Naone Brechler, Jenny Driebe, and Kaelee Jones. Former doll Jaime Lynch moved to Los Angeles to become the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Revue.

Matt Goss and The Dirty Virgins[edit]

After becoming Goss's agent, Antin cast The Dirty Virgins, a Vegas-based dance girl group, made-up of 4 dancers Tala Marie, Emily Istre, Amber William, Monteece Mask and new dancers Veronica Collazo Marrero and Kaelee Jones in Vegas to accompany him for his show. Along with them, she cast singers Mecca and Angela. From a style point of view they are very much like the original concept of the Pussycat Dolls.[20]


Girlicious was an American girl group consisting of Nichole Cordova, Natalie Mejia, Chrystina Sayers and Tiffanie Anderson. In 2009, Anderson left the group and in 2011, Mejia and Sayers also confirmed their departure. Later, in October 2011, Cordova announced the band's hiatus. Then Cordova confirmed her departure and in April 2013, she became a member of the new group, Girls United. The second album of Girlicious, named "Rebuilt", was released on November 22, 2010 in Canada. The girls were discovered by Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious.

Paradiso Girls[edit]

The Paradiso Girls were a girl group consisting of 5 members from different countries; Chelsea Korka (she appeared in the reality show Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll) from The United States, Aria Cascaval from France, Lauren Bennett and Kelly Beckett from The United Kingdom and Shar Mae Amor from The Philippines. They are currently signed to Music Group/Interscope Records.[21] Their debut single "Patron Tequila" featuring Lil’ Jon and Eve was released on May 12, 2009, and a music video was shortly released afterwards. Their debut album Crazy Horse was expected to be released in July 2010.[22] However, it was delayed until October, when Aria revealed the band had disbanded due to dissatisfaction with their label.


G.R.L. at Westfield Old Orchard Mall promoting their debut single "Vacation." Natasha Slayton, Paula van Oppen, Simone Battle, Emmalyn Estrada, Lauren Bennett. Skokie, IL, USA, September 28, 2013.

G.R.L. is a girl group consisting of 5 members; Lauren Bennett, Paula van Oppen, Natasha Slayton, Simone Battle and Emmalyn Estrada. The group were originally planned to be the new-line up of The Pussycat Dolls following their disbandment in 2010. Robin later reformed them as a new group that will be the "next generation" of the Dolls.[23] The group is currently working on their debut album with Dr. Luke. Their managers are Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber. On June 16, 2013 they released their first single, "Vacation", as a B-side track on pop singer Britney Spears' single "Ooh la La", which is a soundtrack from the movie The Smurfs 2.[24][25]

Clothing line[edit]

During 2008, It was reported that Antin and the La Senza Corporation of Canada were producing a line of Burlesque/Pussycat Dolls-styled lingerie called " Robin." The line ranges from girly and flirtatious to sexy and glamorous intimate apparel. Antin says, "The words for me on this collection are flirtatious, fashion and fun!"[26][27] Paradiso Girls Lauren Bennett and Kelly Beckett as well as review member Jersey modeled for it.

Work-out DVD[edit]

According to her Twitter, Antin will soon release a workout DVD featuring Jamie Ruiz from Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious and other Burlesque Dolls Jenny Ronbinson and Michelle "Jersey" Maniscalco[18] (whose pictures she posted on her Twitter account), as well as Chrystina Sayers and Nicole Scherzinger. It was released worldwide December 15, 2009.[28]





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