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Not to be confused with Robin Fox, the anthropologist.

The Robin Fox family is a family with several members in the acting and related professions over a number of generations. Robin Fox (1913-1971), an actor and theatrical agent, and his wife Angela Muriel Darita Worthington, actress and daughter of the English playwright Frederick Lonsdale, had three sons: the actors James and Edward Fox, and Robert, who became a theatrical agent. Their grandchildren include the actors Emilia Fox, Laurence Fox and Lydia Fox. Robin Fox is the grandson of Samson Fox (1838-1903), a British engineer, industrialist and philanthropist.

Dynastic roots[edit]

Robin Fox was born in St George Hanover Square, London, the son of Hilda Louise (Alcock), an actress, and Arthur William Fox. He was related to the great acting dynasty: the Neilson / Hanbury Family via his mother, and his aunt Lily Hanbury. His father was the son of industrialist Samson Fox.[1] Hilda and Lily's first cousin Julia Neilson was married to the actor Fred Terry, brother of the late nineteenth century star Ellen Terry.[2] In total seven first cousins including Hilda and Lily Hanbury were all actors in the Victorian Theatre.[2]


Robin Fox (1913-1971), theatrical agent, married Angela Muriel Darita Worthington, actress, 3 sons

(i) Tracy Reed, (married 1958-61), actress, 1 child
  • Lucy Preston, Viscountess Gormanston (born Lucy Arabella Fox, 1960), married twice
(i) David Grenfell. 1 child
  • Harry Grenfell (born 1987)
(ii) Jenico Preston, 17th Viscount Gormanston
(ii) Joanna David, actress, 2 children
  • Rose Gilley (born 2010)
  • James Fox (born 1939), actor, married Mary Elizabeth Piper in 1973, 5 children
  • Winston James Fox (born 2008)
  • Eugene Pip Fox (born 2012)
  • Lydia Fox (born 1979), actress, married Richard Ayoade in 2007, 1 child
  • Esme Bibi Ayoade (born 2009)
  • Ida Ayoade
  • Robert Fox (born 1952), theatre and film producer, married 3 times
(i) Celestia Sporborg (married 1975–90), casting director, 3 children
(ii) Natasha Richardson (1990-94), actress, no children
(iii) Fiona Golfar (1996 to date), editor at Vogue magazine, 2 children


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