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Old Robin Hood Flour Sign in French

Robin Hood Flour is a brand of flour made by the Horizon Milling division of Cargill. The brand is marketed to the food service and industrial section by Horizon Milling and the consumer retail sector by The J.M. Smucker Company.


Originally established as a brand of the Moose Jaw Milling Company by miller Donald Mclean in 1900.[1] The mill was taken over by New Prague Flouring Mill (of Minnesota) that was owned by Francis Atherton Bean of Minneapolis.[2] The Radium, Keynote, Saskana and Robin Hood brand of flours were manufactured by the company. Eventually the company became International Multifoods Corp The Moose Jaw mill eventually closed in 1966 due to over capacity; the mill was torn down but the grain bins and elevator are still in use as an inland terminal. The newer Saskatoon mill (built in 1928) continues to manufacture the Robin Hood brand flour.

Former Robin Hood Flour Mill in Port Colborne, Ontario

In June 2004, The J.M. Smucker Company purchased three milling facilities in Canada from International Multifoods Corp, including the Robin Hood brand. In 2006, Smuckers announced the sale of the milling facilities in Canada for $78 million US to Horizon Milling G.P., part of Cargill. Under the agreement Horizon Milling owns and operates the Canadian mills in Saskatoon, Montreal and Burlington that manufacture Robin Hood branded products. Horizon Milling markets Robin Hood products directly to the food service and industrial sector in Canada, US and Caribbean. Smuckers continues to market Robin Hood products to the retail market.[3]

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