Robin Hood Project

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Robin Hood Project
Type Education, Charity[1][2]
Founded 2007
Founder(s) Magda Metwally
  • London, United Kingdom
Area served Peru
Focus(es) Education[1][2]
Mission Robin Hood Project is a charitable organization, which attempts to improve the education including social and emotional development of children in Máncora, Peru.[1]
Method(s) Providing an After School learning center for the children. The center will be a haven for the children, where they will be able to develop their literacy skills, social and emotional skills, and environmental awareness.

The Robin Hood Project is a United Kingdom-based charitable organisation, dedicated to improving the education of children in the Peruvian town of Máncora.


Founded in 2007, Robin Hood was the brainchild of IT Programme Manager, Magda Metwally. Magda Metwally & Para el Mundo (PaM) become partners and kicked off Robin Hood Project in Mancora. Our After School and Literacy Programme grew rapidly in 2 years.[3]

The project enrolls an average of 50 children between the ages of 9-12. Through PaM, Robin Hood, benefited from numerous volunteers, offering skill exchange and experiences. In 2009 Magda Metwally, became fully responsible for the project. 50% of the funding is covered personally by Magda Metwally. The project continues to grow with a kick-off of Robin hood Spanish School. The Spanish School’s main priority is to fund the charity.[2]


The Robin Hood Project works with more than 50 children and 4 state schools. Projects can be categorized into 4 areas:

  • Continual Development — After School Centre – 3 hours twice a week . Emphasis on mathematics, comprehension and social/emotional development.
  • Healthy Teeth – Free Dental work every 6 months provided by our partner dentist John Patrick Stewart.
  • Physical Education – Weekly Sports day to improve self-esteem, improve health and encourage.


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