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Robin Pogrebin (born May 17, 1965) has been a culture reporter for The New York Times since 1995 and covers topics such as art institutions, architecture, and many more.[1] She has also covered the magazine industry for the business section and city news for Metro. She was previously an associate producer for Peter Jennings documentary unit at ABC News in 1995 where she did stories on Bosnia and Haiti.[2] Before that, she spent three years as a staff reporter for The New York Observer, covering many subjects including the law.[2] Pogrebin's articles also run regularly in the International Herald Tribune and she has occasionally done freelance pieces for New York, Vogue and Departures magazines. Some 1,400 Times articles were listed in a recent and archived search at, published from late 1987 to 2011.[3]

Pogrebin is a graduate of Yale University. She is the daughter of Bert and Letty Cottin Pogrebin and the twin sister of Abigail Pogrebin. She married Edward Klaris in January 1993.[4] Together the two live in New York City and have two children.[2] Pogrebin and her mother were among those featured in a PBS/AOL documentary, Makers first aired in February 2013, about feminism.[5]


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