Robin Road Trestle

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The Robin Road Trestle is a former railway bridge that spans Robin Road in South Beach in Staten Island, New York City.

Built in 1936, it was once part of the Staten Island Railway's former South Beach line which ceased operation in 1953. It is currently the only remaining intact trestle along the former line. In the early 2000s developers purchased the property on either side of the trestle's abutments but both they and the New York City Department of Transportation/New York City Transit Authority disputed ownership of it. Consequently, townhouses have built up against both sides of it.[1][2][3][4]


Coordinates: 40°35′38.58″N 74°3′56.73″W / 40.5940500°N 74.0657583°W / 40.5940500; -74.0657583