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The Robinsons are a fictional family in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. The largest and most complex family tree in the show's history, the Robinsons have been a part of Australian culture since Neighbours '​ inception in 1985.


The Robinson family was one of three central families introduced to viewers when Neighbours began in 1985, created by the show's creator and executive producer Reg Watson.[1] Watson said the idea for Neighbours began with the Robinsons – a widower and four children. He wanted a mother-in-law to live with them, and decided that she would be supportive instead of interfering, as television viewers had come to expect.[2] Of how the Robinson family came to be created, Watson said "I thought how interesting it would be to have a family where the children could ask their parents anything and get an honest answer."[3]


The Robinsons are made up of several different family groups that have married together. These are the original Robinsons, the Daniels, the Martins, the Dennisons, the Simpsons and the Duncans.

List of family members:

Father of Julie, Paul, Scott, Lucy and Glen, and the husband of Anne Robinson. He died of a heart attack after playing with his granddaughter Hannah; and then his girlfriend Fiona Hartman stole all his money and ran off.

The oldest child of Jim and Anne Robinson, born in 1963. A powerful businessman, who has been married five times and has five children (by three different women).

There were always was two sides to Julie one moment she could be kind and very friendly and next she could be the complete opposite. Wife to Philip Martin. Oldest child of Jim Robinson, stepmother to Debbie and Michael Martin and mother of Hannah Martin. She was good mum to both Debbie and Hannah. Julie died after falling to her death from a tower.

Married Charlene Mitchell in 1987 and moved to Queensland to be a journalist.

The youngest daughter of Jim and Anne Robinson, and the little sister of Paul, Julie, Scott and Glen. Anne died giving birth to her in 1972.

Mother of Anne Robinson (who died giving birth to Lucy) and Jim Robinson's mother-in-law. Scott, Lucy, Paul and Julie's grandmother. She was one of the longest serving characters on Neighbours.

Jim Robinson's snooty cousin and interfering busybody. Appeared in Annalise Hartman's documentary on Ramsay Street.

Son of Hilary Robinson. Dated Gemma Ramsay for a while, then they had a motorbike accident and broke up shortly afterwards.

Daughter of Madge Bishop. Married Scott Robinson in 1987 and lives in Queensland.

Scott and Charlene's son

Paul's second wife, who he married for a business deal. They had triplets together. Appeared in Annalise Hartman's documentary on Ramsay Street.

Paul Robinson's first wife. Shortly after they got married, she killed a man named Charles Durnham and then shot Paul shortly afterwards. Whilst in prison, she committed suicide.

Jim Robinson's second wife. Moved to Perth after miscarrying for the second time which was a factor in the breakup of her marriage to Jim.

Paul's third wife, and Caroline's twin sister. She and their son, Andrew ran off to Brazil with him when he got caught on fraud charges, and she divorced Paul a few years later.

Jim's mother. Visited the family in 1985. She announced that she had a terminal illness. Bess died in 1988 and Paul and Jim flew out to the USA for her funeral.

Paul's fourth wife. Their marriage lasted less than a day and was supposedly, annulled. However, it was revealead that Paul and Lyn were still married in 2009 until they reached a settlement.

Paul's fifth wife who he married in December 2009 after his divorce to previous wife Lyn became finalised.

Helen Daniels adopted daughter, former owner of Lassiter's. Returned to Ramsay Street, and wanted to buy Lassiter's back off Paul, but he refused.

Daughter of Paul Robinson and Nina Williams. Lives with her mother.

Son of Paul and Christina Robinson. Lives with his father.

Son of Paul and Gail Robinson. Arrived in Ramsay Street to live with Paul after being put in a coma by his twin Robert. He died in hospital after being run over by Max Hoyland after being mistaken for his twin Robert.

Son of Paul and Gail Robinson. Is currently in Prison.

Daughter of Paul and Gail Robinson. Arrived in Ramsay Street to live with Paul after living with Gail in Tasmania.

Beverly Robinson's nephew. Came to live with Beverly and Jim with his younger sister Katie when their parents Bob and Annette were having Marital Problems. Ran away twice. Dated Melissa Jarrett, Cody Willis and Pheobe Bright, whom he made pregnant. Was knocked down by an oncoming van on the way to the abortion clinic to tell Phoebe not to abort their baby. Later died of a Cardiac Arrest due to a ruptured artery in his heart the doctors failed to notice. Visited Phoebe as a ghost after his death telling her he would always be there for her and the baby. Phoebe eventually had a baby girl and named it Hope.

Beverly Robinson's niece and Todd Landers' younger sister. Was good Friends with Toby Mangel. Went back to her Mother Annette in Adelaide.

  • Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) (1990–1992) – Jim Robinson's son, born as the result of an affair with a nurse whilst serving in Vietnam during the war. Glen had a short fling with his sister Lucy before she realised who he was.

Laura's daughter. She lived with the Robinsons before she moved to America in 1986.

Nikki's mother and Helen's sister. Suffered from MS and moved to the USA for treatment.

Helen's sister.

Helen's Second Cousin. Was a Teacher at Erinsborough High. Dated Gaby Willis and Beth Brennan. Was accused of murdering a biker who beat him up.

Helen's Second Cousin and Wayne's younger brother.

Julie's husband. After her death, he married Ruth Wilkinson and moved to Darwin.

Daughter of Philip and Lorreta Martin, Sister to Michael and half sister to Hannah Martin. She had bulimia. Appeared in Annalise Hartman's documentary on Ramsay Street.

Daughter of Philip and Julie Martin. Was dating Paul McClain for a short period of time. Appeared in Annalise Hartman's documentary on Ramsay Street.

Only son of Philip and Lorretta Martin. Longtime enemy of Darren Stark. Had a personal vendetta against Julie Martin, and at one stage tried to poison her.

Adoptive Daughter of Rosemary Daniels.


The Robinsons live in the fictitious Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough and have roots leading back to the 1800s in that area. The family have always lived in Ramsay Street, the land once owned by former Mayor 'Black' Jack Ramsay.

No. 26 Ramsay Street The home of the Robinsons is no. 26 Ramsay Street, a large grey brick house at the top of the cul-de-sac. Jim Robinson bought the house in the early 1960s and lived there until his death in 1993. Jim's mother-in-law, Helen Daniels, who had lived with the Robinsons since the death of Jim's wife Anne in 1975 received the house in his will and lived there until her death in 1997. Philip Martin and his family lived there until they sold the house in 1999 to the Scully Family. In 2013, Jim's son Paul bought the house off his ex-wife Lyn Scully (Janet Andrewartha), once again for the first time since 1999 putting No. 26 back in the hands of the Robinson Family. Paul currently rents No. 26 Ramsay Street to Sheila Canning (Colette Mann).

No. 22 Ramsay St. Bought by the Daniels Corporation in 1986, Gail Lewis moved into the house in 1987 and it became the second family home after her marriage to Paul Robinson in June 1987. Paul continued living there, throughout the end of his marriage to Gail and his next marriage to Christina Alessi. Paul moved to Hawaii with Christina and Andrew in 1992 and rented the house to Christina's parents until 1993 when he sold the house to Cheryl Stark. In 2005, Paul returned to Erinsbourough and bought back the house off Valda Sheergold, continuing to live there until 2013 where Paul moved into Lassister's and his niece Kate Ramsay moved into no. 26. Paul currently rents the house to The Willis family.

No. 30 Ramsay St. Jim bought no. 30 and rented it to Paul and Terry as a wedding gift in 1985. Paul only lived there for a few weeks before Terry shot him. He moved back into no. 26 immediately after leaving hospital. Matt lived at no. 30 with his mother Hilary between 1989–1990.

Members of the Robinson family have lived in every house in the street at one point or another. Matt alone lived in no. 26, no. 28, no. 30 and no. 32 during his years in the show.

Family tree[edit]



In 1991 Lucy Robinson returned to Ramsay Street. In the time she had been away, Jim's illegitimate son Glen showed up and revealed his existence to Jim. After living together for months, the attraction boiled over and Lucy and Glen kissed. Though their relationship was short and mostly implied, the BBC cut the plot and edited the episodes around it.[4] However, UKTV Gold re-aired these episode in 1998 with the plot remaining intact. A second near-incest storyline was featured in 2007, when Elle Robinson fell in love with Oliver Barnes, and they had sex, shortly before Oliver was informed by his mother that Paul was really his father. Had this been true, this would have been the furthest an incest storyline had gone in the show's history. However, the claim was disproved by a DNA test soon after.

Character assassination[edit]

Stefan Dennis departed the series in 1992 and moved to the UK. His character, Paul Robinson, moved to the United States, a rather open-ended departure. Dennis returned in 1993 for the 2000th episode celebrations and to close the book on the character. In the week he appeared in the show, Paul set up Philip Martin, his brother-in-law, to make it look like he was defrauding Lassiters, the hotel Paul owns. After the police began investigating, Paul's conscience got the better of him. He wrote a letter that cleared Phil of all wrongdoing and escaped the country after saying goodbye to Helen. This was intended to be the character's final appearance and to this day many fans regard it as been completely out of character for Paul.

When Stefan Dennis returned to the show in 2004, most of his storylines stemmed from the fraud storyline and displayed him as a morally corrupt, hate-filled villain. Since his return, Paul has murdered Gus Cleary, set fire to and destroyed the Lassiters complex, attempted to sell Ramsay Street to American developers to turn it into a shopping centre, been a homewrecker to the Bishop family (formerly friends of his) and eventually losing his leg in a fall. A possible explanation has been offered for this behaviour: a brain tumour, which Elle believes may be responsible for everything bad he has ever done. After the tumour was removed, Paul lost 20 years worth of his memory.


In the finale of the 2004 season, Paul returned to the area and re-established the Robinson family in Neighbours. Since his return, he has seen Rosemary and Lucy, and his daughter Lucinda "Elle" Robinson has come to live with him. In 2006, Adam Hunter began his Neighbours career as the remaining triplets Robert and Cameron. When Cameron is in a coma, Robert (who put his brother in the coma in the first place) has came to live with his father posing as Cameron to get close to the family and fulfil his plans of revenge. Fiona Corke returned briefly in 2006 and 2007 as Gail and in 2009 the family tree was extended with Paul's long lost sister Jill (product of an affair between Anne Robinson and Max Ramsay) being found. Jill's death in a road accident means her orphaned children Katie, Harry and Sophie have now moved into Number 24. Paul's youngest son, Andrew came to visit his father at the end of 2009 and moved in with him and his wife Rebecca.


In 2003, Inside Soap ran a poll asking which soap families were the most loved and loathed of all time. The Robinson's came third with 16% of the vote to find the most loved family of the 1980s, behind the Watts from EastEnders and the Ewings from Dallas.[5] They were also voted the third most loathed family of that decade, receiving 11% of the vote.[5] Roz Golds from The Birmingham Post called the Robinson family "the original heart of the show".[3]


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