Robinswood Road Metrolink station

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Manchester metrolink logo.PNG Robinswood Road
Robinswood Road Metrolink station under construction.jpg
Robinswood Road is located in Manchester_Metrolink
Robinswood Road
Robinswood Road
Location of Robinswood Road in Greater Manchester
Place Wythenshawe
Local authority City of Manchester
Coordinates 53°23′N 2°16′W / 53.38°N 2.26°W / 53.38; -2.26Coordinates: 53°23′N 2°16′W / 53.38°N 2.26°W / 53.38; -2.26
Platforms 2 (separate island platforms)
Fare zone information
Present status Under construction
Opening 2014
Portal icon UK Trams portal

Robinswood Road Metrolink station is a future station under construction for Phase 3b of the Manchester Metrolink. The station is scheduled to open in late 2014[1] and will be located on the Airport line on Simonsway at the junction of Brownley Road and Ruddpark Road,[2] with Manchester Airport-bound services stopping to the left of the junction and Manchester-bound services stopping to the right. For a brief period during construction, it appeared the stop would simply be named "Robinswood".


Trams are initially scheduled to run along the Airport line towards Cornbrook northbound and towards Manchester Airport southbound. Trams will run every 12 minutes[1]

The Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority report for resolution deems the stop as non essential.

The Robinswood stop site provides little additional catchment along Robinswood Road south of Simonsway, in addition to the catchment provided by the stops at Woodhouse Park, Peel Hall, Wythenshawe Town Centre and Shadowmoss. However, as noted above one of either Crossacres or Robinswood should be retained to maintain access for the Brownley Road properties. 26 2.13. The removal of either Crossacres or Robinswood stop would improve the value for money for the scheme as a whole and improve journey times without having a detrimental impact on the number of passengers.

It suggests a saving of £1.2 million could be made by removing the stop from the scheme without any detriment to future income. The stop is within a couple of minutes walk of the Wythenshawe Town Centre stop and the Peel Hall stop.[citation needed]


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