Robinzon Kruzo

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Robinzon Kruzo
Directed by Aleksandr Andriyevsky
Written by Aleksandr Andriyevsky, Daniel Defoe (Novel)
Music by Lev Shvarts
Release dates 20 February 1947
Running time 85 min.
Language Russian language

Robinzon Kruzo (Russian: Робинзон Крузо) is a 1946 Soviet 3-D film.


The story of the film is based on the novel of Robinson Crusoe.


  • Pavel Kadochnikov - Robinson Crusoe
  • Yuri Lyubimov - Friday
  • Aleksandr Smiranin - Father of Robinson
  • E. Sanikidze - Mother of Robinson
  • V. Pavlenko - Liza


The film is the first glasses-free stereoscopic feature film,[1] the first Soviet 3-D feature film, and possibly the world's first 3-D feature film partially in color.[2] The film was restored by Konstantine Pipinashvili in 1968.[3][better source needed]

Sergei Eisenstein wrote about the film and its use of 3-D in 1948: "Will the cinema of the future be stereoscopic? Will tomorrow follow today?"[1] and further: "Mankind has for centuries been moving toward stereoscopic cinema... The bourgeois West is either indifferent or even hostilely ironical toward the problems of stereoscopic cinema.".[4]


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