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Robo Force was a toy line created by the Ideal Toy Company in the mid-1980s.


The toy line featured robot action figures with suction cup bases and "crusher arm" action. In addition each figure, which basically resembled a customized Dalek, also included another gimmick or two such as a hook or extendable guns.

A 1984 product catalog includes a short comic showcasing a few of the toys and a list of the following Robo Force toys:



Maxx Steele: the Leader Robot[edit]

Maxx Steele is one of the toughest robots and almost invulnerable. Armed with a pair of laser hand weapons stored in his backpack and a back-mounted, swiveling double-barreled attack gun he is hard to beat when against Hun-Dreds army of evil robots. His motto "Any mission, any time, any place" shows his team that he is determined to win the fight against Hun-Dred no matter what stands in his way.

Blazer: The Ignitor Robot[edit]

Very powerful and very crazy is what describes Blazer. His weapons are not only unique but his way of using them are amazing. On both of his arms he has nozzles which can shoot out boiling hot plasma which can melt the hardest of steel and on his head is a cryogenic water cannon which can extinguish the flames he creates so his fire doesn't burn and destroy everything in sight.

Coptor: The Enforcer Robot[edit]

Speed and agility are qualities that Coptor never lacks! He is the team’s acrobat always zooming by using the propeller on his head. Weapons he carries are two laser guns and a communicator that can contact Max Steele or any of the other robots from anyplace far away. Digging is even possible with the aid of his propeller. Coptor is the oldest of the good robots and was built by Dr. Fury.

Sentinel: The Protector Robot[edit]

Sentinel is always ready to hop into combat. With a permanent laser gun in his head that he can use anytime he never runs out of weapons. He also stores two other weapons in his backpack just in case the battle gets tough. Putting the Command Patroller through moves no one had ever seen before he was made the team driver.

Wrecker: The Demolisher Robot[edit]

Wrecker is a construction worker in his civilian life but in Maxx Steele's army he is the team's demolitionist. A fortress would easily crumble if Wrecker was sent to destroy it. His weapons are an atomic jackhammer and a laser drill. He also stores a metal-alloy wrecking hook.

S.O.T.A.: The Creator Robot[edit]

S.O.T.A (State Of The Art, voiced by Alan Young) is a professor when he's not on Robo Force missions. But when he is serving Max Steele he is a calm and always in control senior councilor. His name stands for State of the art which gives a clue about his superior intellect. He has an information-collection dish on his backpack which gives him radar, sonar, and extended hearing along with infra-red, microscopic, and telescopic vision. He also carries a drill which can be used for crafting and battle while an accurate laser targeting weapon is stored in his head.


  • Tiltor: The Changer [unreleased]
  • Opticon: The Interceptor [unreleased]
  • Ripper: The Anti-Robot [unreleased]
  • Mark Fury [unreleased]
  • Deena Strong [unreleased]


Hun-Dred: The Conqueror Robot[edit]

The worst enemy that threatens Maxx Steele's team, Hun-Dred leads the evil robot empire. His weapons include laser guns, crushers instead of hands, twin hand-held attack weapons, and laser shooters that he uses for artillery. He also has the ability to sense fear in any being and destroys anyone or anything that stands in his way.

Enemy: The Dictator Robot[edit]

A terrible and vicious robot enemy would destroy anything that got in his way as long as Robo Force falls. If Hun-Dred orders him to not attack he does. If Hun-Dred orders him to destroy one robot he destroys the whole planet. His weapons are a retro-fire gun that he mounts on his backpack and twin laser weapons that are stored in his chest.

Cruel: The Detonator Robot[edit]

An expert in combat Cruel uses his terrifying crushing grapplers to destroy any robot he meets. He is silent and indestructible which makes it easy for him to commit heinous acts. He also has two communication antennae on the upper sides of his head which allow him to communicate to others over long distances.

Vulgar: The Destroyer Robot[edit]

Vulgar is charged with evil dark forces that make up his body and puts his sinister abilities to use. His amazing strength was made from a mixture of science and wickedness. He is a gray, black, and red being with a large rotating head and villainous looking eyes. He wields many weapons including a drill bit located permanently in the back of his head which is sharp and dangerous to Max Steele's army of good robots. Vulgar also carries a deadly loaded mace blaster that he can hit targets with amazing accuracy.

Nazgar: The Tyrant[edit]

Nazgar (voiced by Arthur Burghardt) was an evil dictator that conquered the planet Zeton 2,000 years prior. His brain was preserved by the Cult of Dred. Hun-Dred kidnaps Dr. Fury, an expert in cyborg technology, to construct a robotic body for Nazgar.


  • Plundor: The Pulverizer [unreleased]
  • Fangar: The Conspirator [unreleased]
  • Arsenal: The Devastator [unreleased]


  • Robocruiser Robot Defender Vehicle
  • Dred Crawler Robot Attack Vehicle
  • Command Patroller
  • Fortress of Steele playset
  • Triad Three-Way Attack Vehicle [unreleased]
  • Transblaster Laser Lift Cannon [unreleased]
  • Electronic Maxx Steele Programmable Robot
  • Maxx Steele Erector Set

The Animated Television Special[edit]


In 1984, Ruby Spears Productions released an animated adaptation of the series in the form of a one-shot special called "Robo Force: The Revenge of Nazgar."[1]


The animated Robo Force adaptation was released by Warner Archive as a special feature for the volume 2 DVD release of Challenge of the GoBots on March 10, 2015. This is its first home video release.


A scientist named Dr. Fury and his family are in his house with Coptor. Suddenly, the evil robots led by Hun-Dred blast their way into his house. Coptor fires on the evil robots, but is defeated. The scientist is abducted by the evil robots for his research on putting human brains into robots. Hun-Dred and his crew would like Dr. Fury to do this for the evil Nazgar, who created trouble for the scientist's planet nearly 2000 years ago.

10 years later, a repaired Coptor and Dr. Fury's son (Mark Fury) along with new robots like Maxx Steele created by Mark go on a mission to find his father.

The final battle occurs in Nazgar's headquarters. Nazgar (whose brain is now in a robot body) seemingly escapes, Hun-Dred and a laser gun meant to wreak havoc on the planet are destroyed by Maxx Steele and Dr. Fury is saved.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Written by: Flint Dille
  • Executive Producers: Joe Ruby and Ken Spears
  • Story Direction: Doug Wildey
  • Story Direction Supervisor: John Dorman
  • Storyboard Supervision: Jim Woodring
  • Featuring the Voices of: Ron Feinberg, John Stephenson, B.J. Ward, David Mendenhall, Rodger Bumpass, Arthur Burghardt, Bob Ridgely, Neil Ross, Alan Young, Peter Cullen, Michael Bell
  • Voice Direction: Michael Hack
  • Director of Production Design: Ric Gonzalez
  • Models Supervisor: Alan B. Huck
  • Models: Patrick A. Ventura, Russell Hicks
  • Animation Supervisor: Russell Mooney
  • Animation Produced by: Toei Animation Company, Ltd.
  • Background Supervision: Eric Semones
  • Background Artists: Ron Dias, Paro Hozumi, James Hegedus
  • Background Layout Supervision: David High
  • Background Layout Artist: Alex Mann
  • Color Key: Bunny Munns
  • Graphics: Iraj Paran, Tom Wogatzke
  • Production Coordinator: Loretta High
  • Studio Manager: Jeffrey M. Cooke
  • Assistants to the Executive Producers: Melinda Diner, Stacy McLaughlin
  • Production Assistants: Allyn Conley, Paul Gorniak, Natalie Holt
  • Executive in Charge of Post Production: Chip Yaras
  • Associate Producers: Larry Huber, Michael Hack
  • Music Composed and Conducted by: Ron Jones
  • Director of Music: Paul DeKorte
  • Music Editors: Denise O'Hara, Catharine Rose
  • Effects Editors: Pete Grives, Karla Caldwell, Steve Caldwell, Tom Syslo
  • Negative Consultant: Mary Nelson
  • Laboratory: C.F.I.
  • Re-Recording: Warner-Hollywood
  • Re-Recording Mixer: James L. Aicholtz, C.A.S.


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