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RoboCup is an annual international robotics competition founded in 1997. The aim is to promote robotics and AI research, by offering a publicly appealing, but formidable challenge. The name RoboCup is a contraction of the competition's full name, "Robot Soccer World Cup", but there are many other stages of the competition such as "RoboCupRescue", "RoboCup@Home" and "RoboCupJunior". In 2013 the world's competition was in the Netherlands. In 2014 the world competition is in Brazil.

The official goal of the project:

"By the middle of the 21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall win a soccer game, complying with the official rules of FIFA, against the winner of the most recent World Cup.[1]"

RoboCup leagues[edit]

Team rUNSWift competing in the Standard Platform League at RoboCup 2010 in Singapore

The contest currently has four major competition domains, each with a number of leagues and subleagues:

Each team is fully autonomous in all RoboCup leagues. Once the game starts, the only input from any human is from the referee.[5]


Venue Number of teams Number of countries Number of participants
RoboCup 2014 João Pessoa - Brazil
RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven - The Netherlands 410 45 3,033
RoboCup 2012 Mexico City - Mexico 381 42 2,356
RoboCup 2011 Istanbul - Turkey 451 40 2,691
RoboCup 2010 Singapore 500 40 3,000
RoboCup 2009 Graz - Austria 407 43 2,472
RoboCup 2008 Suzhou - China 373[6] 35
RoboCup 2007 Atlanta - USA 321[7] 39[8] 1,966
RoboCup 2006 Bremen - Germany 440 35
RoboCup 2005 Osaka - Japan
RoboCup 2004 Lisbon - Portugal 345 37
RoboCup 2003 Padua - Italy 238 35
RoboCup 2002 Fukuoka - Japan
RoboCup 2001 Seattle - USA 141 22
RoboCup 2000 Melbourne - Australia 110 19
RoboCup 1999 Stockholm - Sweden 85 23
RoboCup 1998 Paris - France 63 19
RoboCup 1997 Nagoya - Japan 38 11

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Warwick Mobile Robotics (from the University of Warwick) robot navigates red step fields, in the RoboCupRescue arena at the 2009 RoboCup German Open
Brainstormers Tribots (from Universität Osnabrück) play RFC Stuttgart (from Universität Stuttgart) in the RoboCupSoccer Middle-Size League at the 2009 RoboCup German Open

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RoboCup teams[edit]

Team rUNSWift competing in the 4-Legged League at Bremen, Germany, 2006
Team CASualty competing in the Rescue Robot League at Singapore, 2010

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