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Industry Computer and video games
Founded Chicago, Illinois, U.S. (January 7, 2008 (2008-01-07))
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key people
Josh Tsui
David Michicich
Peter Sauerbrei
Richard Ho

Robomodo is a United States video game developer based in Chicago, Illinois. Robomodo was formed in early 2008 by former employees of Midway Games.



Bodoink! was a project that was introduced by Robomodo in late 2011 as a Kickstarter project.[3] The game, to be released under the fledgling "family fun" label Robomite, was intended to be a Kinect title, melding gameplay from pachinko or PopCap's Peggle with full-body motion controls, with the player controlling an Xbox Live avatar that took the place of the ball from the other games. The motion controls would give the player some level of control of the "ball", allowing him or her to add some "english" to the movement, and try to influence the outcome of various ricochets, etc.

Robomodo claimed that, at the time of the Kickstarter campaign, the game was "80% complete" and that the money was to be used for polish, as well as finding a publisher (despite the self-publishing availability of XBLA), in order to allow Robomodo to keep control of the IP. The pitch also claimed that the game was actually able to be funded internally, but the Kickstarter campaign was being waged to see if it could be done.

Despite an aggressive PR campaign which saw several on-line gaming-centric news-sites and blogs announcing the Kickstarter campaign, and subsequent interviews, the campaign eventually only garnered $5,547 in pledges towards the started $35,000 goal, failing to secure even 16% of its desired budget.

There has been no reference or statement about the title since the failure of the Kickstarter campaign, and it is unknown if this is still in development, or will ever be released.


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