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ROBOTC Logo.png
Developer(s) Robomatter Inc
Stable release 4.30 / February 17, 2015; 2 months ago (2015-02-17)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform Lego Mindstorms, Vex Robotics, and Arduino
Type IDE
License Proprietary commercial software

ROBOTC (trademarked as ROBOTC and frequently spelled RobotC) is a commercial Integrated development environment targeted towards students that is used to program and control LEGO NXT, VEX, RCX, and Arduino robots using a programming language based on the C programming language.

It allows users to move a code from one platform to another with little or no change in code.


  • Has a debugging feature.
  • Uses text-based commands, commonly contrasted with NXT-G, a graphical language also for the NXT.
  • Has several tutorials designed to help users learn the programming language.
  • Is intended for simple to advanced programs.
  • Requires custom firmware in order to run.

ROBOTC for NXT[edit]

ROBOTC for CORTEX & PIC (original VEX)[edit]

  • The CORTEX version can program both the CORTEX microcontroller and the PIC (original VEX).

Robot Virtual Worlds[edit]

  • ROBOTC now features the ability to program virtual robots. Robot Virtual Worlds is a simulation environment that enables students to learn programming without access to physical robots.[1]


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