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This article is about the Robotech art books. For other uses, see Robotech (disambiguation).

Robotech art books are a series of publications made up of the artwork, designs, and sometimes the production background of the Robotech television series and its spinoffs. Robotech Art 1 through Robotech Art 3: The Sentinels were published by Starblaze Graphics, an imprint of The Donning Company until it went out of business. The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles was published in 2007 by Stone Bridge Press. It detailed the events which lead up to production and release of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, and included detailed information on the ships, mecha, races, and factions which were in and were left out of the movie.[1]


  • Robotech Art 1 by Kay Reynolds and Ardith Carlton (1986)
  • Robotech Art 2 by Kay Reynolds (1987)
  • Robotech Art 3: The Sentinels by Carl Macek (1988)
  • The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles by Tommy Yune with foreword by Carl Macek (2007)


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