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Robyn O'Neil

Robyn O'Neil (born 1977, Nebraska) is an American artist known for her large scale graphite on paper drawings.

O'Neil received a BFA from Texas A&M University-Commerce, TX and did graduate work at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She also studied at King's College London. O'Neil's narrative drawings most often contain a cult-like group of characters. They are all men dressed in black sweatsuits doing things ranging from murdering to embracing. Investigating the human condition and emotionalism, O'Neil's works are sometimes terrifying and other times hopeful.

O'Neil shows at Susan Inglett Gallery in New York, Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas, Tony Wight Gallery in Chicago and Praz-Delavallade in Paris and Berlin. Her work was included in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2004 Whitney Biennial, an exhibition celebrating Henry Darger's influence on contemporary art entitled Dargerism at the American Folk Art Museum, and she has been included in exhibitions in cities such as San Francisco, Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, and Portland.


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