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Coordinates: 54°35′31″N 6°50′06″W / 54.592°N 6.835°W / 54.592; -6.835

Disused water pump in Rock.

Rock is a small village in east County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The village derives its name from a stone quarry on the site, which operated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A Mass Rock exists in Tullyodonnel, half a mile from the village.

The Rock's features include a disused water pump which, although it never delivered quality water to the villagers, has been refurbished and now decorates the centre of the village. The Rock boasts Mc Lernon's pub, shop and general merchants yard. McFarland's shop is now closed with the site being given over for planned housing.

Councillor Wilbert Buchanan Chairman of Cookstown District Council lives in the village.


The Troubles[edit]


  • 10 February 1975 - Arthur Mulholland (65) and Eugene Doyle (18), both Catholic civilians, were murdered during an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) gun attack on Hayden's Bar, The Rock.

For more information, see The Troubles in Rock, County Tyrone which includes a list of incidents in Rock during the Troubles resulting in two or more fatalities.


Rock St. Patrick's Gaelic Athletic Association club had victories in the Gaelic football community in the early part of the decade. And even appeared in Division 1 for a year after winning the intermediate league. For a club the size of the Rock this feat was historic. The Club recently enjoyed its greatest period of success with various youth victories in the lower leagues and championships. In the 2007/2008 season Rock Lifted the Tyrone Junior Championship Title, This was followed by the Ulster junior Title and a narrow defeat in the All Ireland Final. This unprecedented success surely spells great things for the Rock Club in the coming years.

Rock has been well represented on county teams: Rock St Patrick's GFC Players Contributions to Tyrone

Paddy Cush: Tyrone Minors late 1950s and Tyrone U-21 early 1960s

Sean Cush: Tyrone U-21 early 1960s

Jim McCreesh: 1968 Tyrone Minors (Ulster Semi-Final) 1969 Tyrone Minors (Ulster Final) 1970 Tyrone Juniors 1971 Tyrone Seniors (Championship v Armagh) 1971 Tyrone U-21 (Ulster Final v Fermanagh) 1971 Tyrone Seniors (NFL) 1972 Tyrone Senior Panel (Ulster Final v Donegal) 1972 Tyrone U-21 (Ulster Champions) 1975 Tyrone Seniors (NFL & McKenna Cup) 1976 Tyrone Seniors (NFL & McKenna Cup)

Eugene Mullan: 1978 Tyrone Minor Panel (Ulster Champions) 1979 Tyrone Minor Panel (Ulster Final) 1980 Tyrone U-21 Goalkeeper (Ulster Champions) 1984 Tyrone Senior Panel (Ulster Champions) 1985 Tyrone Juniors (Ulster Final) 1986 Tyrone Juniors (Ulster Final)

Plunkette Campbell: 1985 Tyrone Juniors Panel (Ulster Final) 1986 Tyrone Juniors Panel (Ulster Final)

Adrian Corrigan: 1985 Tyrone Juniors Panel (Ulster Final) 1986 Tyrone Juniors Panel (Ulster Final)

Ciaran Gourley: 1997 Tyrone Minors (Ulster Champions & All-Ireland Runners Up) 2000 Tyrone U-21 (Ulster Champions) 2000 Tyrone U-21 (All-Ireland Champions) 2001 Tyrone Seniors (Ulster Champions) 2002 Tyrone Seniors (NFL Champions) 2003 Tyrone Seniors (NFL Champions) 2003 Tyrone Seniors (Ulster Champions) 2003 Tyrone Seniors (All-Ireland Champions) 2003 Tyrone Seniors (All Stars Nomination) 2005 Tyrone Seniors (All-Ireland Champions) 2006 Tyrone Seniors (Dr.McKenna Cup Winners)

2007 Ciaran Gourley Tyrone Seniors (Ulster Champions)

Ciaran Gourley also played for Ulster in the 2001 Railway Cup

Martin McCreesh: 2001 Tyrone Minors (Ulster Champions) 2001 Tyrone Minors (All-Ireland Champions) 2003 Tyrone Minors (Ulster Champions) 2004 Tyrone U-21 2005 Tyrone U-21 2006 Tyrone U-21 (Ulster Champions)

Stephen Mullan: 2005 Tyrone U-21

Aidan Girvan: 2006 Tyrone Minors 2007 Tyrone Minor Captain (Ulster Champions)


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