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Highest governing body Global VX
First played 2006
Contact No
Team members Singles (V2), Doubles (V4), 1v1v1 (V3), Team (5v5 - VX)
Mixed gender yes
Type Hand Sport, Ball Sport, Team Sport
Equipment low pressure, low impact VX ball; VstiX

VX is a ball sport from the UK. It evolved in North Yorkshire (Great Britain) and was launched in Feb 2006 under a different guise. The sport was continually developed by the International Federation and in 2012 the Federation approved a move by the worldwide membership to rename the sport VX[1] to cater for its international development.

VX has continued to be popular in schools in the UK [2] and is now being adopted by universities,[3] colleges, youth organisations,[4] [5] [6] Street Games and the military.[7] It is also attracting interest from the Prison Service and Primary Care Trusts. It now has a foothold in 24 countries of which 14 have National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

VX is one of the few sports where male and female players compete on an equal basis. It is also accessible to players of all abilities. It is not an adaptation of any single sport however there are elements of several sports including dodgeball, lacrosse, basque pelota and hockey.


The sport, originally known as Rock-It-Ball, is a ball sport which originated from the UK. It evolved in North Yorkshire (Great Britain) and was officially launched at the Youth Sport Trust's Sports Colleges Conference in Feb 2006.

Rock-It-Ball spread through schools in the UK. It featured on four of the Youth Sport Trust’s programmes, began to played regularly in 17 countries,[8] and saw the establishment of an international federation and eleven national governing bodies[9]

As a sport, Rock-It-Ball was one of the few areas where male and female players compete on an equal basis.

Over time the international administrative body had taken the original game and further developed and extended it, setting up a full sports infrastructure. In 2012, in order to cater for the international growth, the sport was rebranded by the international community to VX. All the clubs and NGBs followed suit and now all leagues, tournaments and international competitions are under the VX banner.


VX is played by two teams of five players. The court is roughly the size of a sports hall with four badminton courts. In the USA, basketball courts are used. Each player uses a VstiX. This is made up of a control bar and a thrower/catcher at each end. Players are not restricted to a certain area but can go anywhere on court. They must dribble by rock-ing the ball between the two ends, or by using one end of the VstiX to bounce the ball on the floor. Five balls are in play. One point is scored by hitting an opponent with the ball between the shoulders and the feet. Two points are scored by catching an opponent's thrown ball. When a player is hit (s)he must stand still, raise a hand and look to the referee. The referee records the point and tells the player to play on. The referee is assisted by two umpires positioned on the opposite side of the court. The role of the umpires is simply to look for infringements. All infringements incur a three-point penalty. Violence results in ejection from the game and disciplinary action. Examples of infringements are:

  • A player fails to acknowledge a strike.
  • Fishing (this refers to picking up a ball while waiting to play on after being hit)
  • Travelling, ie not dribbling. A player can take two steps and then must dribble.
  • Striking. A player is not allowed to strike either the ball or another player with the VstiX.
  • Illegal bodily contact - for example deliberately barging into an opponent.
  • Knocking the ball out of an opponent’s VstiX.
  • Swearing

Formal matches consists of four quarters each of which lasts four minutes.


As part of the development of VX, the International Federation introduced Singles (V2), a 1v1v1 (V3) version and Doubles (V4)

  • V2 is played by two players on a squash court with three balls. This version is possibly the most intense of the official versions. A game lasts for two halves of four minutes each.[10]
  • V3 is also a singles version played on a squash court, however it is played by three players using four balls. V3 is played on the basis of ‘every man for himself.’ The winner is the player who concedes the least number of points. A game lasts for two halves of four minutes each.
  • V4 is also played on a squash court and is played 2v2 with four balls. A game lasts for two halves of four minutes each.[11]

The new versions were created by the International Federation to develop the sport and provide individuals with an opportunity to set up clubs more easily.

Current v2 World Rankings (senior)[edit]

  1. Jack Brown (England)
  2. Carl Alsop (England) (and Fair Play Award V2 World Cup 2014)
  3. Scott Snowdon (England)
  4. Tom Hildreth (England)
  5. Scott MacMichael (Scotland)
  6. Dan Raper (England)
  7. Meghan Plumer (Scotland)
  8. Malingha Timothy (Uganda)
  9. Liam Leckenby (England)
  10. Matti Chasan Bergstein (Denmark)
  11. Aaron Perry (England)
  12. Tony Notarianni (England)

v2 World Rankings (Youth)[edit]

  1. Tom Brown (England)
  2. Charlie Ford (England)
  3. Chris Hodge (England)
  4. Will Charters-Reid (England)
  5. Robyn Taylor (Scotland)
  6. Cameron McIntyre (Scotland)
  7. Aimee Caldwell (Scotland)
  8. Megan Davidson (Scotland)

v2 World Rankings (Masters)[edit]

  1. Paul Hildreth (England)
  2. Conrad Broughton (England)
  3. Tony Nield (Scotland)
  4. Andrew Foster (England)


The International Federation was established in December 2006 but changed its name to Global VX when the sport was rebranded in 2012. Global VX administers the sport on a global basis, assists with the establishment and running of NGBs [12][13] and organises international competition. Global VX also runs the annual rules committee which takes place every January.

Global VX also has an awards programme. The annual 'Executive' Awards recognise the work of volunteers in the sport. 'The Person of the Year' Award is awarded to an outstanding volunteer who has done exceptional work to promote and develop the sport. The 'Person of the Year' and the Executive Awards are announced annually on Dec 31st

2010: Person of the Year: Conrad Broughton
2011: Person of the Year: Matti Chasan Bergstein
2012: The first Person of the Year since the sport was rebranded: VX Uganda. Unusually, the award did not go to one individual but was presented to VX Uganda as a body to recognise the work and effort that had been made by several people to grow the sport in Africa
2013: Person of the Year: Eric Clark (Ripon Lions) & John Sheepy (Boroughbridge Lions)

Hall of Fame[edit]

Any member affiliated to Global VX (e.g. player, coach, administrator) can nominate any other affiliated member who they consider to have made an outstanding contribution to the sport. Any nominee with three nominations passes to the next stage for voting by the committee. Up to 2014 two new members are inducted every two years. From 2014 it is intended to be an annual award. In 2010 the voting committee felt unable to differentiate between the 3 nominees who reached the voting stage and so, as an exception, voted to induct all three. In 2008 the founders of the original sport (Paul Hildreth, Paul Law, Bob Eldridge) were honoured by inducting them into the newly established Hall of Fame.

  • 2008: Tom Hildreth, Craig Buttery
  • 2010: Carl Alsop, Graeme Wood, Ian Crosby
  • 2012: Conrad Broughton


The 'Legends' Award and Gallery is reserved for players who have reached an outstanding level of achievement. This award was instigated in 2012 as a direct result of the achievements of Scotland's Scott MacMichael and is not intended to be an annual honour.

  • 2012: Scott MacMichael (Scotland)
  • 2013: Tom Hildreth (England)

External Awards[edit]

As the sport has grown its impact has started to be recognised by external bodies

  • 2009: Global VX (in its previous incarnation) was the only organisation to be nominated in three categories at the Cleveland Fire Service Safer Community Awards
  • 2011: Dan Raper shortlisted in the Ripon Rotary Youth Volunteer Awards
  • 2011: Paul Hildreth runner-up in the Sports Category of the Minster FM Local Hero Awards
  • 2012: Tom Hildreth and Helen Mackenzie Olympic Torchbearers [14][15][16]
  • 2012: Tom Hildreth shortlisted for the Ackrill Media Volunteer Oscars
  • 2013: Easi-RockIts HellCats win Minster FM Team of the Year in the Minster FM Local Hero Awards [17][18]
  • 2013: Tom Hildreth shortlisted for the Ackrill Media Volunteer Oscars
  • 2013: Tom Hildreth runner-up as Player of the Year in the Hambleton District Council Sports Awards [19]
  • 2013: Paul Hildreth runner-up as Coach of the Year in the Hambleton District Council Sports Awards [20]
  • 2013: Easi-RockIts runners-up as Club of the Year in the Hambleton District Council Sports Awards [21]
  • 2014: Jack Brown runner-up as Student Sportsperson of the Year in the Active York Awards

Ambassadors and Patrons[edit]

The role of Official VX Ambassador has been taken by Olympic Diver Jack Laugher.[22]
VX's first patron is trail blade runner Phil Sheridan

UK clubs[edit]

  • York VX Club: Teams - Phoenix, Raiders
  • Easi-Rock-Its VX Club: Teams - Hellcats, HellFighters, HellDivers
  • Scunthorpe Hawks
  • Northallerton Stallions
  • Falkirk Cannons [23]
  • Coatbridge Enigma
  • Ripon VX Club: Teams - Vanquish, VorteX
  • Leggott (Scunthorpe)
  • Kirkbymoorside Bullz
  • Stillington VX Club [24]

Centres of Excellence and Academies[edit]

Centres of Excellence and Coaching Academies are in the process of being established.

  • English National Centre of vXcellence: Ripon Grammar School, Ripon, North Yorks
  • Regional Centre of vXcellence: John Leggott College, Scunthorpe, North Lincs [25]
  • Regional Coaching Academy: Cedars Coaching Academy, Leighton Buzzard.
  • Danish National Centre of Excellence: Gerlev PE & Sports Academy, Slagelse, Denmark


  • 2005 Inaugural Championships: Team Chaos, Northallerton College
  • 2007 World Cup: Scotland. Runners-up: England. Third: Pakistan
  • 2007 Carnegie British Open: Loughborough University
  • 2008 English National League, National Champions: Easi-RockIts HellCats
  • 2008 Tees Valley Pairs Tournament: Callum Watt/Chris Durrant
  • 2008 Youth World Cup: England
  • 2009 v3 English Open: Emily Wilson (Tees Valley)
  • 2009 Central and East Yorks ATC championship: 2487 (Easingwold) Typhoons
  • 2009 English National League, National Champions: Easi-RockIts HellCats
  • 2009 National Junior Pairs: Ben Pulleyn/Callum Forsyth (York)
  • 2009 v3 European Open: Adam Rawcliffe (Easi-RockIts)
  • 2010 v3 English Open: Carl Alsop (Raptors)
  • 2010 English National League, National Champions: Raptors.
  • 2010 English National League, National Finals Player of the Tournament: Marcus Exelby (HellCats).
  • 2010 v2 World Champion: Carl Alsop.
  • 2011 v2 Youth World Champion: Dan Raper.
  • 2011 Scottish National League, National Champions: Falkirk Cannons.
  • 2011 English National, National Champions: Raptors. Runners-up: Easi-RockIts HellCats
  • 2011 English National League, National Finals Player of the Tournament: Callum Watt (HellCats).
  • 2011 v2 World Champion: Scott MacMichael (Scotland).
  • 2011 World Cup: Scotland. Runners-up: England, 3rd: Denmark. Fair Play Award: Denmark
  • 2011 World Cup, Player of the Tournament: Matti Chasan Bergstein (Denmark).
  • 2011 UK Club Champions: Falkirk Cannons.

2012 The Sport Becomes VX

  • 2012 English Open Knockout: Easi-RockIts HellCats
  • 2012 English National VX League, National Champions: Easi-RockIts HellCats. Runners-up: Ripon
  • 2012 v2 World Champion: Tom Hildreth (England). Runner-up: Scott MacMichael (Scotland)
  • 2012 v2 Youth World Champion: Meghan Plummer(Scotland). Runner-up: Aaron Perry (England).
  • 2012 v2 African Nations Champion: Melingha Timothy (Uganda). Runner up: Didus Businge (Uganda)[26]
  • 2012 UK Club Champions: HellCats. Runners-Up: Ripon; 3rd Place: Scunthorpe
  • 2013 English Open Knockout: York Phoenix
  • 2013 English National VX League, National Champions: Scunthorpe Hawks[27]
  • 2013 V2 World Champion: Tom Hildreth (England).[28] Runner-up: Scott Snowdon (England)
  • 2013 V2 Youth World Champion: Tom Brown (England);[29] Runner-up: Liam Leckenby (England)
  • 2013 V2 African Nations Champion: Melingha Timothy (Uganda); Runner-up: Derek Wesana.
  • 2013 UK Club Champions: York Phoenix; Runners-up: Scunthorpe Hawks
  • 2014 English University V2 Champion: Jack Brown (University of York); Runner-Up: Ellery Lovett (University of Sheffield)
  • 2014 English Open Knockout: York Phoenix
  • 2014 English National VX League, National Champions: York Phoenix


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Timothy Malingha, first V2 African Nations Champion who won the inaugural tournament in 2012 and went on to retain his title in 2013
Tom Hildreth in action against Scott Snowdon in the 2013 V2 World Cup Final. Tom became the first player to retain the title
V2 Youth World Champion Tom Brown (in red) in action against Liam Leckenby in the 2013 V2 Youth World Cup Final
External Awards 2012: VX player Tom Hildreth who was awarded the honour of being an Olympic Torchbearer as a direct result of his achievements in the sport and his community work within the sport
External Awards 2012: Helen Mackenzie who was awarded the honour of being an Olympic Torchbearer partly for her work in the sport of VX
External Awards 2013: Easi-RockIts HellCats were awarded Team of the Year by Minster FM in their Local Heroes Awards