Rock Me (Riva song)

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Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia "Rock Me"
Riva - Rock Me.jpg
Eurovision Song Contest 1989 entry
Country Yugoslavia
Artist(s) Riva
Language Serbo-Croatian
Composer(s) Rajko Dujmić
Lyricist(s) Stevo Cvikić
Conductor Nikica Kalogjera
Finals performance
Final result 1st
Final points 137
Appearance chronology
◄ "Mangup" (1988)   
"Hajde da ludujemo" (1990) ►

"Rock Me" was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1989, performed by Riva, representing Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the first and only time that this country would win the Contest. The song was performed in Serbo-Croatian. During the winners' encore lead vocalist Emilija Kokić sang the song in English.

The song's victory led to international awareness of Yugoslav/Croatian rock.[1]

Riva's frontress Emilija Kokić continued to appear in various shows but had no significant success after the 1989 victory.

The song was succeeded as winner in 1990 by Toto Cutugno representing Italy with "Insieme: 1992".


Preceded by
"Ne partez pas sans moi" by Celine Dion
Eurovision Song Contest winners
Succeeded by
"Insieme: 1992" by Toto Cutugno