Rock Paper Scissors (album)

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Rock Paper Scissors
Studio album by Noah23
Released September 23, 2008
Recorded 2007-2008
Genre Alternative hip hop
Underground hip hop
Length 70:00
Label Legendary Entertainment
Producer Noah23 (exec.), Anucongo, Ceschi, Debmaster, Eclekt, Factor, Fresh Kils, Giovanni Marks, Gregory Pepper, Jim Guthrie, Lord Kufu, Madadam, Mr Soch, Naval Aviator, Playpad Circus, Riff Raff, The Sad Clowns, Small Is Beautiful, Thur Deephrey, Zoën
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Adrenachrone Fix (Positive) link
Coke Machine Glow (Positive) link
The Fmly (Positive) link
Hero Hill (Positive) link
Hip Hop Core 3/5 stars link
Mowno (Positive) link
Now Toronto 4/5 stars link
Pop Matters 7/10 stars link
Subba-Cultcha 8/10 stars link
URB 3.5/5 stars link
URBNET 4/5 stars link

Rock Paper Scissors is a 2008 album by Canadian-American alternative hip hop artist Noah23.

A music video was produced for "Fame".Video on YouTube

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Hungry" (guitar by All Things Invisible) Mr Soch 3:54
2. "Pinball" (featuring Gregory Pepper) Madadam 2:59
3. "Half Drunk" (featuring Cadence Weapon) Madadam 1:46
4. "Crystal Palace" (featuring Wormhole) Lord Kufu 2:29
5. "Raw Nukes" (featuring Livestock) Small Is Beautiful 4:02
6. "Gaia Bacteria" (featuring Demune) Playpad Circus 3:27
7. "Faded" (featuring Ceschi) Ceschi 4:13
8. "Elephant March" (featuring Bleubird & Fidget) Gregory Pepper 3:40
9. "Toy Story" (featuring The Main) Gregory Pepper 2:21
10. "Moon Landing" (featuring Josh Martinez) Anucongo 2:53
11. "Rusty Robotz" (featuring Baracuda) Anucongo 2:40
12. "Things Get Done" (featuring Modulok) Debmaster 3:10
13. "Give It to the People"   Giovanni Marks 1:13
14. "Ils Persistent" (featuring Delectable) Eclekt 2:30
15. "Tragic Comedy" (featuring Epic, K-the-I??? & Sole) Thur Deephrey 2:56
16. "Gothic Cathedral" (featuring Hangnail & Homesick) Naval Aviator 2:27
17. "Olfactory Memorial"   Zoën 2:23
18. "Black Ball" (featuring Tykus & Wordburglar) Fresh Kils 4:07
19. "Wisdom Teeth" (instrumentation by The Sad Clowns) The Sad Clowns 2:31
20. "Dead End Game" (featuring StapleMouth) Riff Raff 5:18
21. "True Romance" (featuring Athena & Sankofa) Factor 3:10
22. "Torn Again" (featuring Jim Guthrie) Jim Guthrie 2:24
23. "Fame"   Madadam 3:27

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