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Rockchapel (Irish: Séipéal na Carraige, meaning "chapel of the rocks") is a village in north County Cork in Ireland. It is in the townland of Rockchapel, near the border of counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

Much of the land close to the village is planted with coniferous trees, mainly of lodgepole pine and Sitka spruce. This was largely facilitated by financial funding from the national forestry company Coillte through its grant support scheme. The area is famous for its traditional musical heritage. Gaelic football is the most popular sport in the area.

The local church is dedicated to Saint Peter. Rockchapel forms half a parish in the diocese of Cloyne, the other half of the parish being Meelin. Knockaclarig, a townland in Rockchapel, is part of the Kerry diocese even though the townland is in County Cork.

The village got its name from the penal times when the Catholic religion was banned. Mass was said on a rock in a remote area. After Bishop Brennan's recommendation, the rock has been upgraded to a "class two relic" also known today as The Holy Stone Of Clonrichert.

Rockchapel has two pubs, two shops, a post office, community centre, church, primary school, funeral home and graveyard. It is also home to the Munster headquarters of ADA systems.

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Coordinates: 52°17′N 9°09′W / 52.283°N 9.150°W / 52.283; -9.150