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Rocket Internet is one of the world's largest e-commerce focused venture capital firms and startup incubators founded in 2007 by the Samwer brothers. The founders gained visibility through successful investments in Groupon, eBay, Facebook, Linkedin, Zynga, etc. (either through early direct investment or through taken over target companies).[1] The company's business model is to identify successful internet ventures from other countries (mostly the United States) and replicate them in predominantly emerging markets. In 2013, Rocket Internet raised[2] close to $2 billion from investors including Russian billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, Swedish investment firm Kinnevik, and J.P. Morgan. This is in addition to nearly $2 billion that Rocket raised in 2012.[3] The firm, tightly controlled by its founders, is known for its aggressive approach in managing its invested ventures, often referred to as blitzkrieg. It prides itself for the speed of execution and ability to hire exceptional talent.[4]

Rocket Internet operates in more than 50 countries and has more than 75 ventures in their portfolio such as the e-commerce retail companies in India, in Russia, ZALORA in South East Asia, The Iconic and Zanui in Australia, the global food delivery platform foodpanda/hellofood, the global property listings site Lamudi as well as, Carmudi,,, Jumia in Africa, in Africa and Pakistan, and in Pakistan.[5][6] Rocket Internet’s various companies created more than 20.000 jobs worldwide. Previous ventures include, for example, CityDeal, which was purchased by Groupon for US$126M, Wimdu which profited by US$90M.[7][8]

Latin America[edit]

Rocket Internet ventured into the ecommerce market in Latin America in April 2012. Its journey into ecommerce started in Mexico with the venture called: Linio. Linio, the so-called ‘Amazon of Latin America’, is a Rocket Internet-incubated e-commerce company. Linio offers a wide variety of products online in various categories, such as home electronics, technology, mobiles, entertainment, home, appliances, fashion, sporting goods, babies and toys, books, and personal care products. Customers can pay online, as well as at their doorstep (cash on delivery and credit card on delivery). The Mexican venture was the first one in a series of e-commerces in latinamerican territory. Linio has around 1000 employees in all its five countries: Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Chile.[9]


The office is located in São Paulo and has 15 ventures being developed: CupoNation, Helpling, Airu, Dafiti, Easy Taxi, hellofood, Kanui, ClickBus, Mobly, Payleven, Tricae, WestWing, Wimdu, Cervejá, Zocprint and Tripda.[10]


Rocket launched Zalora Philippines in late 2011 and Lazada Philippines and OfficeFab in early 2012. Zalora is the first large-scale full-service e-commerce fashion site in the Philippines.[11] Furthermore, the property listings site Lamudi plus Lamido, Carmudi, Tripda and Easy Taxi operate in the Philippines as well.


In November 2011 the company launched ZALORA Singapore, an online retailer of fashion and shoes based in eastern Singapore, which primarily targets 18- to 35-year-old men and women.[12][13] It is part of larger ZALORA Group that also has a presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia since late 2011.[14] ZALORA Singapore currently has over 300 employees.[citation needed] ZALORA Singapore is currently available only to those living in Singapore.[citation needed]

In Singapore, Rocket Internet GmbH has also set up foodpanda, a separate venture that delivers food via orders through its website.[15] It works by allowing users to browse through menus of partner restaurants near the user's postal code, order the food, and pay via cash on delivery.[16] Foodpanda is currently active in 27 throughout Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Other ventures in Singapore are Wimdu and Pricepanda. In Feb 2014, foodpanda group raised additional USD 20 million of funding to continue global roll out.[17]


In Pakistan, latest projects of Rocket Internet include Lamudi, a real estate portal operating in all major cities and, a fashion apparels shopping platform. Other projects include,,, and Easy Taxi.


Latest projects of Rocket Internet in Poland include 21Diamonds, eDarling, foodpanda, Glossybox, payleven, Paymill, Westwing, Wimdu, Zalando and CupoNation


In Spain Rocket Internet is present with 10 ventures. These include 21Diamonds, eDarling, Glossybox, Paymill, Oplinga, Westwing, Wimdu, Zalando, Zencap and CupoNation.


In Italy Rocket Internet is present with a total of 7 ventures. These include eDarling, Glossybox, Paymill, Dalani, Wimdu, Payleven, Zalando and CupoNation.[18]


In 2011, Rocket Internet funded, an ecommerce portal for furniture & home décor and which is an e-commerce portal for fashion, home decoration, sportswear and special design products.[19] In 2012 they funded India's first B2B focused ecommerce company OfficeYes.[20]


Lamoda is an online retailer in Russia and CIS, offering more than 1,000,000 products and 900 international brands. With Lamoda Express, it operates its own express delivery network supporting next day delivery to currently[when?] more than twenty-five cities throughout Russia and Kazakhstan. Lamoda offers free shipping and a try-on service, as well as 365 day period for returns free of charge. Lamoda was launched in 2011 by its four founders Dominik Picker, Florian Jansen, Burkhard Binder and Niels Tonsen. Lamoda’s existing investors are named as Investment AB Kinnevik, Access Industries, JP Morgan, Summit Partners, World Bank Group’s IFC and Tengelmann.

Sri Lanka[edit]

Rocket Internet has 3 ventures in Sri Lanka. These are Kaymu, Carmudi and Lamudi.


In Sweden Rocket Internet is present with 7 ventures. These include 21Diamonds, eDarling, Glossybox, Helpling, Paymill, Wimdu, Zalando and CupoNation.[21]


In Norway Rocket Internet is present with 7 ventures. These include 21Diamonds, EliteSingles, Glossybox, Paymill, Wimdu, Zalando and CupoNation.[citation needed]


In Finland Rocket Internet is present with 5 ventures. These include Eliittikumppani, Paymill Wimdu, Zalando and CupoNation.


In 2013, Rocket Internet launched its first hotel booking site in Africa,, via Africa Internet Holding, its Joint Venture with telecoms operator Millicom.


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