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Rockie Robbins is an American soul singer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Robbins was born Edward W. Robbins Jr. He signed for A&M Records in 1979 and cut his first album, which was arranged and produced by veteran Chicago producers, Richard Evans and Johnny Pate. The master tapes for this record were erased in transit to the record company and the album had to be re-recorded.[1] Robbins' self-titled debut did not sell particularly well, but the label retained him for a second album, which was produced by former Philadelphia top arranger and producer,Bobby Martin, in Los Angeles. This resulted in the singer's biggest hit, "You and Me". which reached the Billboard Hot 100 and the R&B Top 10, staying on that chart for over five months.

A third album, produced by Skip Scarborough and Jerry Peters, saw Robbins score two R&B hits including "I Believe In Love" (#30), in 1981. After a break of two years, Robbins signed to MCA Records who, in 1984, included his song “Emergency” in the Grammy Award-winning soundtrack to the Hollywood blockbuster Beverly Hills Cop. They also released a self-titled album, but without success. Robbins changed record companies again, this time to Respect Records, where he recorded his last album, Are You Ready (1991).


  • Rockie Robbins (A&M Records, 1979) US #204
  • You and Me (A&M, 1980) US #71, US R&B #19[2]
  • I Believe in Love (A&M, 1981) US #147, US R&B #47
  • Rockie Robbins (MCA Records, 1985) US R&B #60
Charting singles
  • "Be Ever Wonderful" (1979) US R&B #67[3]
  • "You and Me" (1980) US #80, US R&B #9
  • "Hang Tough" (1980) US R&B #70
  • "Time to Think" (1981) US R&B #32
  • "After Loving You" (1981) US R&B #59
  • "I Believe in Love" (1982) US R&B #30
  • "We Belong Together" (1985) US R&B #45


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