Rockman Complete Works

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Rockman Complete Works
Developer(s) Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
Publisher(s) Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) August 4, 1999
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution 1 CD-ROM each

Rockman Complete Works is a lineup of video game remakes released for the PlayStation. Released in 1999 in Japan only, Rockman Complete Works contains all of the 8-bit Mega Man games, but doesn't have Mega Man 7 for the SNES. The Rockman games included are Rockman 1 (ロックマン1), Rockman 2: Dr.Wily no Nazo (ロックマン2:Dr.Wily謎ません), Rockman 3: Dr.Wily no Saigo!? (ロックマン3:Dr.Wilyの最期!?), Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!! (ロックマン4:新たなる野望!!), Rockman 5: Blues no Wana!? (ロックマン5: ブルースの罠!?), and Rockman 6: Shijousai Dai no Tatakai!! (ロックマン6:Shijousai大なし戦い!!). The six games were released individually, each disc containing a port of the original Family Computer version as the game's "Original Mode", as well as a "Navi Mode" that features a "hint system" in which a supporting character in each title gives tips to the player via a communicator, as well an updated HUD and (in the latter three games) an arranged soundtrack, along with other optional game modes. The games are compatible with the PocketStation peripheral, specifically allowing the player to match up bosses from the games in a paper-rock-scissors minigame called "PokeRock". Players can even play against one another via the PocketStation's infrared sensor. The graphics are also on a higher resolution using the PlayStation's high resolution capability. The reason that Rockman Complete Works was not released in the US or Europe is, because if they brought to the US, then people in the US would want to bundle all the 8-bit Rockman games in a big collection with Original and Remastered soundtrack would cost consumers up to $60 for all the games so Capcom decided not to do it, but there is a Mega Man Anniversary Collection released in 2004 in the US only, includes all the 8-bit Mega Man games from the Nintendo Entertainment System, the 16-bit game Mega Man 7 from the Super NES, the 32-bit game Mega Man 8 from the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, and some bonus Japanese Mega Man Arcade games. The Mega Man games 4-6 have the remastered soundtrack only on the Xbox and PS2 version not on the Gamecube version. The Mega Man games also have the Navi Mode like Rockman Complete Works, but don't have the other modes.[1] All six games were later released together with Rockman X7 in the Rockman Collection Special Box for the PlayStation 2, also only in Japan.

The Complete Works versions of all six Rockman games have also been made available on the PlayStation Store in Japan and North America, making these titles available for download on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.


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