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Rocknest 3 Rock
"Rocknest 3" rock on Mars - target of the ChemCam and APSX instruments on the Curiosity rover (October 5, 2012) (white-balanced image).
Feature type Rock
Coordinates 4°35′S 137°26′E / 4.59°S 137.44°E / -4.59; 137.44Coordinates: 4°35′S 137°26′E / 4.59°S 137.44°E / -4.59; 137.44

Rocknest 3 is a rock on the surface of Aeolis Palus, between Peace Vallis and Aeolis Mons ("Mount Sharp"), in Gale crater on the planet Mars. The "approximate" site coordinates are: 4°35′S 137°26′E / 4.59°S 137.44°E / -4.59; 137.44.

The rock was encountered at "Rocknest" by the Curiosity rover on its way from Bradbury Landing to the "Point Lake" overlook while traveling toward Glenelg Intrique in October 2012. The rock measures about 10 cm (3.9 in) high and 40 cm (16 in) wide and was a target of the ChemCam and APSX instruments on the Curiosity rover.[1][2]

Curiosity Rover's view from "Rocknest" looking eastward toward "Point Lake" (center) on the way to "Glenelg Intrique" (November 26, 2012, white balanced) (raw color).

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