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Rocktoberfest is an annual event held by the Red River Gorge Climbers' Coalition located in the Red River Gorge. This event is a place for climbers to come together to share their enthusiasm for rock climbing and celebrate the ownership of the Pendergrass-Murray Recreation Preserve [1], which was finally purchased in 2012 by the RRGCC. It is held in October, hence the name "Rocktoberfest". It typically lasts three days, during which many events are held that include exclusive films, climbing clinics, live music, and various competitions. Rocktoberfest 2013 took place from October 11-13 in the Red River Gorge. Information and updates are posted on [2] and more details will be announced in the future.


  • Clinics held for climbers to hone their skills and learn from professionals.
  • Yoga sessions in the morning for climbers.
  • The Reel Rock Tour is Saturday night.
  • Bouldering and roped climbing competitions are held.
  • Food is provided as well and parties at night.


The link beside the name gives more information about the specific area.

  • Red River Adventure [3] has cabins and canoes/kayaks for rent, food services in the Red River Gorge, Ky.
  • Natural Bridge Cabin Company and Campgrounds [4] rents cabins in the area and the Campground at L&E Railroad.
  • Red River Gorge Cabins [5] rents cabins in the Red River Gorge with pet friendly cabins.
  • Miguel's Pizza is a pizza place where many climbers camp. There are showers and bathrooms.
  • Red River Outdoors [6] rents cabins that climbers and others can rent.
  • Lago Linda Campground [7] is another campground.
  • Torrent Fall's B&B and Cabins [8] has cabins that anyone can rent from.
  • CliffView Resort Cabins [9] has cabins for rent.
  • True North Inn [10] is a hostel that people can stay at.

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