Rocky Roberts

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Rocky Roberts
Birth name Charles Roberts
Born Tanner, Alabama[1]
Died January 14, 2005(2005-01-14), age 66[2]
Rome, Italy
Occupations Singer
Years active 1960–2004

Rocky Roberts (born Charles Roberts) was an American singer who became popular in Italy.

Before he became famous in show business, Roberts served in the United States Navy and was a Navy champion boxer. He first got interested in singing by a country-oriented musician called Doug Fowlkes, who was was in a band called the Airdales (US-navy slang for Navy pilots).[1]

Roberts won a singing competition while on shore leave in Juan-les-Pins, France, and chose to stay in Europe after retiring from the Navy in 1962.[2][1]

In 1967, he had a major Italian hit, "Stasera Mi Butto", which sold 3.7 million copies[1] and won the Festivalbar.[3] The song's success led to a 1967 motion picture of the same title, starring Roberts. He appeared subsequently in several other Italian films.

He was known for always wearing dark sunglasses.[2][1]

Roberts sang the Luis Bacalov-written theme song from the 1966 film, Django.[4] Quentin Tarantino reused the recording as the opening theme for his 2012 film Django Unchained.[5]

He died of lung cancer in Rome in 2005.[2]


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