Rocky road (dessert)

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For the ice cream, see Rocky road (ice cream).
Rocky road
Rocky Road Cupcakes.png
Rocky road cupcakes
Course Dessert
Main ingredients Milk chocolate, marshmallow
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Rocky Road is a type of dessert made up of milk chocolate and marshmallow which is usually served in individual portions such as a cupcake or in American cuisine, as an ice cream flavor.[1][2]


Rocky Road was invented in Australia in 1853 as a way of on-selling confectionery spoiled by the long journey from Europe. Gold miners in towns outside of Melbourne, such as Ballarat, were wealthy but uncultured. Unscrupulous businessmen took advantage of these men, mixing the spoiled confectionery with low quality chocolate and other 'filler' ingredients, such as locally foraged nuts.[citation needed] The name Rocky Road is derived from the 'Rocky Road' travelers had to take to get to the gold fields.[citation needed]

The main ingredients in traditional Australian Rocky Road are:

United Kingdom[edit]

The main ingredients in traditional British Rocky Road are:[3]

  • marshmallow
  • biscuit
  • milk chocolate (sometimes dark or white chocolate is used)
  • raisins and sultanas
  • a light dusting of icing sugar on the top

United States[edit]

The main ingredients in traditional American Rocky Road are:

The most popular version of Rocky Road in the U.S. is in ice cream form, which consists of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows (or sometimes a "marshmallow swirl"), and nuts. Although not as popular, slabs of Rocky Road can also be found at confectioner's shops. The Annabelle Candy Company manufactures a candy bar called Rocky Road that has marshmallow, a thin covering of chocolate, and cashews. Betty Crocker has its own recipe for Rocky road.[4]


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