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Rod (Bosnian: Rod, Belarusian, Russian, Serbian: Род, Ukrainian: Рід, other Slavic languages: Rod) is a Slavic deity, often mentioned in the Old Church Slavonic didactic literature which was directed against pagans. According to some researchers (such as Boris Rybakov), Rod was the Common Slavonic god, the creator of all life and of existence itself.

Rod and Rožanica were first mentioned in the Slavic translation of The Word about Idol, where their names indicate the Mother Goddess and her divine Son (similar in relationship to Isis and Osiris).

Translated from the Russian language, the word Rožanica (Russian: Рожаница) means "a woman about to give birth".

Rod was, however, not always explicitly called a deity by the ancient sources. According to Leo Klejn, Rod was a spirit, demon, or a sort of supernatural being and but not of the highest level of power. Rod is absent in the pantheon of the prince Vladimir I of Kiev.

In Neopagan traditions, Rod is often considered to be the supreme god and the creator of all life and existence.[citation needed]

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