Rodalies Barcelona line 2

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Line 2 (R2)
Coast line (south part)
Terminals Sant Vicenç de Calders -
Actual service 1980
Operator Renfe
Authority ATM Barcelona
Service type Commuter rail
Territory Baix Penedès, Baix Llobregat, Barcelonès, Garraf, Selva, Vallès Occidental and Oriental
Stations 32
km 133 km
Trains 450, 451 and Civia stock
Gauge 1,668 mm (5 ft 5 2132 in)
Rodalies Barcelona
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Rodalies Barcelona line 2 (R2) is a commuter rail operated by Renfe, as a service of Rodalies Barcelona in Barcelona metropolitan area, Catalonia, Spain. That line is known as Coast line in its south part (in catalan línia de la costa ). For the high-speed AVE construction works in Sant Andreu Comtal and Sagrera stations, line 2 has substituted line 10, resulting in three branch lines: line 2, line 2 north and line 2 south.

Changes in R10 and R2 since 2009-01-31