Roderic D.M. Page

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Roderic DM Page
Roderic D M Page.jpg
Roderic DM Page
Born 1962
Citizenship New Zealand
Nationality New Zealand
Fields evolutionary biologist
Alma mater University of Auckland
Thesis Panbiogeography: a cladistic approach (1990)
Notable awards Bicentenary Medal of the Linnean Society 1998

Roderic Dugald Morton Page (born 1962) is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and the author of several books.[1] He is currently professor at the University of Glasgow and was editor of the journal Systematic Biology until the end of 2007.[2] His main interests are in phylogenetics,[3] evolutionary biology and bioinformatics.[4][5] He is known for his work on co-speciation and in particular the development of bioinformatic software such as TreeMap,[6] RadCon,[7][8] and TreeView.[9][10][11]


  • Page, R.D.M. (1990). Panbiogeography: a cladistic approach. Thesis (PhD in Zoology) University of Auckland.
  • Page, R.D.M. and Holmes, E. C. (1998). Molecular Evolution: A phylogenetic approach. Blackwell Scientific, Oxford. ISBN 0-86542-889-1
  • Page, R.D.M. ed. (2002). Tangled trees: phylogeny, cospeciation and coevolution. University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0-226-64467-7


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