Rodolphe Reuss

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Rodolphe Reuss
Rodolphe Reuss 1880.jpg
Photograph c. 1880

Rodolphe Ernest Reuss (born 13 October 1841 in Strasbourg; died 16 August 1924 in Versailles) was an Alsatian historian.


He was educated at Strasbourg, at Jena, at Berlin, and at Göttingen. He became professor at the gymnasium of Strasbourg in 1865, and after the Franco-Prussian War resumed this position, retiring from the Protestant seminary. From 1872 to 1896 Reuss was librarian of the Strasbourg library. In 1896 he was appointed professor at the École des hautes études in Paris.

His father, Edouard Guillaume Eugène Reuss (b. 1804) was a Protestant theologian.


His historical writings in both French and German deal with Alsace; among them are:

  • Beiträge zur Geschichte des dreissigjährigen Krieges im Elsass (“Contributions to the history of the 30 Years War in Alsace,” 1868)
  • Vieux noms et rues nouvelles de Strasbourg (“Old names and new streets of Strasbourg,” 1883)
  • Alsace au XVIIIème siècle (“Alsace in the 18th century,” 1897 et seq.)


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