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Roger Everett Gregory is a US computer programmer, technologist, and scientist. Gregory's work in project Xanadu made him one of earliest pioneers of hypertext technology, which helped lay the foundations for the hyperlink technology that underlies the World Wide Web. Roger attended the University of Michigan as a mathematics major. In the 1970s, Roger founded the Ann Arbor Computer Club, similar to the West Coast's Home Brew Computer Club. Later, as founder, CEO, CTO and Chairman of the Board of Xanadu Operating Company, Roger led design and development of a hypertext technology that includes quotable documents with version control, fine-grained, bidirectional links, the ability to track intellectual property rights, and a mechanism to pay royalties. Gregory is also co-designer of a rotary rocket engine design based on the posthumous patents of Robert Goddard (U.S. patent 6212876 from 2001). Today he is a cofounder of Eyegorithm.

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