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Haroldo Rodas, February 2011

Roger Haroldo Rodas Melgar (born 29 May 1946) is a Guatemalan diplomat who was foreign minister in the cabinet of President Álvaro Colom from 15 January 2008 to 16 January 2012. He previously served as vice-minister for foreign affairs from 1 January 1991 to 30 June 1992.

Rodas studied economics at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and a master's in international economics at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to being appointed foreign minister, he had been the Secretary General of the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA) since April 1995.

He has also held positions with the United Nations Development Programme, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Union of Banana Exporting Countries, the Organization of American States, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

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