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This name uses Portuguese naming customs. The first or maternal family name is Hyndman and the second or paternal family name is Lobo.

Sir Rogério "Roger" Hyndman Lobo, CBE, JP (15 September 1923 - 18 April 2015) was a Hong Kong-Macanese businessman of Portuguese and Scottish descent and was an active philanthropist and politician in Hong Kong.

Lobo was a member of the Urban Council, Executive Council and Legislative Council. He was famous for his Lobo Motion in Legislative Council of Hong Kong during the negotiation of the future of Hong Kong between the United Kingdom and the PRC in early 1980s.


Lobo's father, Pedro, moved from Portuguese Timor to Macau between late 19th century and early 20th century. He settled in Macau and married Branca Hyndman, the great granddaughter of Scottish-born Colonel Henry Hyndman, who served in the British East India Company at Bengal and whose son Henrique settled in Macau either in the late 18th or early 19th century. Pedro José Lobo was a famous and important businessman, politician and philanthropist of Macau.[1]


Rogerio Lobo married Margaret Mary Choa; they have five sons and five daughters, as well as 28 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.[2]

Early life[edit]

He studied in the Lyceum in Macau and La Salle College in Hong Kong. After his study, Lobo joined his father's business in 1945.

Political life[edit]

Lobo was appointed as a member of Urban Council on 1 April 1965. He has been a member of Executive Council between 1967 and 1985, Legislative Council between 1972 and 1985 (the Senior Unofficial Member between 1980 to 1985) and Urban Council between 1965 and 1978.

On 14 March 1984, Lobo tabled the famous Lobo Motion in the Legislative Council:

Other public services[edit]

Lobo has participated in many public services in Hong Kong. He has been long participating in Civil Aid Service and became her commissioner in 1977. He was appointed as the head of Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority from 1989 to 1997.

Honours and awards[edit]

Lobo was appointed an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1972 and a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1978; he was knighted as a Knight Bachelor in 1984. He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa by The University of Hong Kong in 1982.


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