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Roger S. Pressman is an American software engineer, author and consultant, and President of R.S. Pressman & Associates.

He received a BSE from the University of Connecticut, an MS from the University of Bridgeport and a PhD from the University of Connecticut. He has over 30 years of experience worked as a software engineer, a manager, a professor, an author, and a consultant, focusing on software engineering issues.[1] He has been on the Editorial Boards of IEEE Software and The Cutter IT Journal. He is a member of the IEEE and Tau Beta Pi.

Pressman has designed and developed products that are used worldwide for software engineering training and process improvement.[2]


Roger Pressman has authored several articles[3] and books on technical and management subjects.[4] A selection:

  • 1997. Numerical control and computer-aided manufacturing
  • 1982. Software engineering : a practitioner's approach (first edition)
  • 1988. Making software engineering happen : a guide for instituting the technology.
  • 1988. Software engineering : a beginner's guide.
  • 1991. Software shock : the danger & the opportunity
  • 2005. Software engineering : a practitioner's approach (sixth edition)
  • 2009. Web engineering : a practitioner's approach


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