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Roger de Lafforest, born January 11, 1905 and died November 16, 1998, was a French writer. Lafforest has titles published and re-editions since 1927 in Czech, English, French, Portuguese, Slovak and Spanish. He was bestowed with the Prix Interallié, a French award of literature in 1939.[1]


  • Des égards dus à la jeunesse (Considerations due to youth); co-author Paul Gilson, 1927.
  • Kala-azar, 1930.
  • Les Figurants de la mort (Death’s Extras), 1939. Reissue Éditions de l'Arbre vengeur, 2009.
  • Si le ciel tombe... (If the sky is falling ...), 1942.
  • La Cravate de chanvre... (Hemp necktie ...), 1953.
  • Les perruques de Don Miguel (Dom Miguel’s wigs), 1955.
  • Le sosie du prince (The prince’s double), 1966.
  • L'Art et la science de la chance (Art and science of the luck), 1968.
  • Ces maisons qui tuent (Houses that kill), 1970.[2]
  • La réalité magique (Magical reality), 1977.
  • Les lois de la chance (Probability laws), 1978.
  • Présence des invisibles (Invisible presences), 1983.[3]
  • La Magie des énergies (The magic of the energies), 1985.[4]
  • L'effet nocebo (The nocebo effect: Investigating ways and mechanisms of the remote influence), 1989.
  • Signé -- Dieu (God’s sign: looking for a digital code to the harmony law which governs the world); co-author Jacques Langlois, 1992.
  • L'arme absolue: la prière (The ultimate weapon: the prayer), 2001.


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